House Tour 2.0

For those of you who read yesterday’s update, or follow along on instagram and Facebook, you know that we spent the majority of our summer setting into our new digs! And now, we’re ready to show it off to you … Continue reading

Mother, How does your garden grow?

My mom is a pretty fantastic lady, if I say so myself. And she always had quite spectacular gardens while the 4 of us were growing up. And when I say spectacular, I mean spectacular. Gobs and gobs of juicy … Continue reading

Mission Accomplished!

Okay folks, we’re back in action here at joyosphere and personally, we couldn’t be more excited to finally share with you what’s been going on around these parts! This is what we had been dealing with here in Columbus over … Continue reading

Friday’s Letters

Dear Summer, Man, you brought the heat didn’t you?! It’s been so hot and humid lately it makes us feel like we’re melting! But you sure do bring some awesome thunderstorms, keep those coming! Dear Husband, It sure feels great … Continue reading