To-Do Lists


Unusually, no new DIY project or update today sorry folks.

Just wanted to outline a few goals I have for this little blog-oh-ours for the upcoming winter/year. I feel like there’s quite a bit to do around the ol’ blog so I’m hoping that writing this all down, I can come back and check it off later because I’m a list maker and checking things off makes me really, insanely happy. I know, I’m a weird-y one. 🙂

First thing’s first, let’s outline a nice hefty to-do list for the blog:

  1. Move to…. I think between my handsome IT husband and I, we can probably figure it out, but don’t get mad when it all goes horribly wrong and I come to you with my ugly cry. Because it’s ugly.
  2. Hire a web designer… or perhaps we’ll DIY this as well. We can hobble around some scripts and we might learn a thing or two along the way so who knows, we might just surprise ourselves!
  3. Overhaul…. I feel it’s a little lack-luster these days and doesn’t represent us as well as our little blog could…
  4. Branding! This goes with the whole overhaul thing above… I just want a more seamless look between and the joy line that we’ve got going on over at etsy
  5. JOY! Spend a little more time with Joy over there, just hanging out and being awesome!

As far as house goals, we’ve got a few there as well. I’ve broken them into short term fixes and long term dreams…

Short term fixes and hopefully can be accomplished by the end of spring:

  1. Paint the guest room and master suite… these are still on our to-do list from where we left off prepping for the party
  2. Paint the basement office and rec room… I counted FIVE different paint colors on the walls down there… something needs to be done about that little problem
  3. Replace upstairs carpet
  4. Replace upstairs bathroom’s floors… because they’re tacky and I hate them

As far as long term fixes go, this is what the beginning of our list is looking like:

  1. Replace bathroom counter tops
  2. Remove soffits in kitchen and install new cabinets
  3. Enclose the laundry room from the utility room.
  4. Overhaul master bathroom/vanity/closet to include double sinks, soaker tub, and new shower… this one might be a while…
  5. Install new quartz counter top in the kitchen
  6. Overhaul backyard patio somehow- we haven’t quite agreed on what that is yet
  7. Install a pergola on existing deck, for twinkly lights, what else?
  8. Replace backyard fence with a low-maintenance composite material

So, seems easy enough right? If you have any tips for renovating, we’re all ears! We might still be a few years from the major renos, ahem, masterbathroomofmydreams, but we’re more than willing to make some little fixes to make the meantime a little more comfortable. And that’s where we’re at this week. Seeing what we want to change based on day to day life, what we can live with, what we should tweak, and what we want completely different for our family.

Just call me Mrs. Listy McListerton.


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