Leaving on a Jet Plane


That’s right folks, we’re gearing up for our biggest trip yet! We’re traveling across the pond to Prague, Czech Republic! And our house is all sorts of crazy right now! Meaning, the next time you hear from us, we’ll be quite a few hours ahead of you! We might have some weird posting times, but we’ll try to schedule it as best as we can.

It’s officially time to freak out now…! 24 hour window until we leave…!

Yes, I put off packing until the very last minute- on purpose, mind you! Otherwise my suitcase would weigh a trillion pounds! (Apparently, I’m really excited for this trip, that’s three exclamation points… in a row… there’s no stopping me now!) We’ll be sure to share all of our experiences with you guys, especially the highlights of the trip, aka the beer!

Thankfully, we’ve got some awesome family and friends (let’s face it, our friends are basically family anyway!) who are watching the house and our little Monster, Levi, while we’re away.

But for now, I really need to get back to packing… because it all kind of looks like this right now…

IMG_20140506_091145The clock is ticking, and I’m no where near ready… I’m trying to be smart about what I pack (I’ve had to pay that “over the weight limit” fine before, and I’m hoping I don’t overdo it this time!


2 thoughts on “Leaving on a Jet Plane

  1. Save room in your suitcase for purchases. I have made that mistake before, and ended paying an overweight fee on the way back home! I have one friend who only packs a few days of clothing in her bag so that she can buy lots of clothes while in Europe.

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