Friday’s Letters

10308482_10152332631024194_7123838193736374778_nDear May! Boy, oh boy, did you get here fast! I can hardly believe it! We’ve been working away here and time has once again slipped through our fingertips! (Bye April, we’ll miss you!) And I have a feeling that you will go by just as fast as April did- we’ve got some big plans in the works! We hope you’ll bring us warm, dry weather here in the heart of it all!

Dear Husband, I am so excited to travel the world with you! Our first BIG trip is right around the corner, and even though I feel completely scatter brained, I know you’re going to be there to sort me all out 🙂 ! Look out world, here we come! I love, love, love you!

Dear Little Sis, I can’t believe that you are about to graduate high school….! Goodness, you are growing into such a beautiful young woman, I am so beyond proud of you and all of your accomplishments! Please, stop growing up! Or at least, prepare yourself for the ensuing monsoon of tears (of joy!) that I will be crying at your graduation! Love you! And I can’t wait to see what you do in college!

Dear Levi, Oh dear, can you believe you’ve been in our lives for almost a whole year?! I certainly can’t believe it! I feel as if you’ve always been a part of our little family and can’t imagine what life would be like if you weren’t constantly chasing the street sweeper…. We love you Monster Man!

Dear Readers! You all are the best darn readers a gal like myself could ever imagine for herself! Seriously. I mean that. #1 in our books! We can’t thank you enough for sticking by us and helping us grow this little blog into something I never could have thought of in my wildest of dreams! You are the best!


1997! Can you believe it?! Talk about Flashback!


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