We’re Joining the Big Leagues!

Okay, maybe not the “BIG” big leagues, but it feels pretty darn big gigantic to me!

If you follow along with us on our Facebook Page, you will have noticed this little gem of a picture was posted yesterday afternoon….

10155007_643991029041628_3325831738140517648_nOh yes. Yes, yes, yes! We bought ourselves a Silhouette Cameo! And we’re both excited to play around with it! After I finish my happy dance of course!

Yep. That happened. True story!

So, why did we decide to spring for one of these bad boys? Because we were both extremely intrigued and Josh is much to good to me (seriously, he is the BEST!) and we figured that we would both get some use out of it. Josh is always game for a new tech toy! Not to mention I can step up my game over at the shop with new and personalized items! Plus, we got it for relatively cheap off of Amazon as opposed to Silhouette’s website (something like $70 cheaper or so) with free 2 day shipping, so I’ve basically been walking around like I won the lottery! It’s a pretty good feeling to have!

Last night we experimented with some spare card stock we had on hand and we were definitely impressed! I’m already working on my list of things I would like to create over on Pinterest– there’s so much to do, the possibilities are virtually endless!

This post from Home Talk essentially sums up just about everything that I would ever want to do— and more!

And my pal, Lauren, over at The Thinking Closet, has a TON of Silhouette tutorials for beginners that I am sure that I will be using a whole lot over the next few days to get started with this Cameo!

There’s so many possibilities! I can’t wait to share all of our new crafts with all of you! This is a big leap, and I can’t wait to dive right in!

In other news… We’ve currently got a lot going on around here! I’m hoping the sun shines a bit for us today to photograph all of our new items for the shop, make a few custom giveaway’s for a co-workers new twin girls, put together the first ever giveaway for joyosphere, pack for a HUGE trip, keep the house spic and span, and get ready for all the new things that are coming our way! (And no, for all of you who keep asking, there’s no baby on the way! As exciting as that would be… not yet! 🙂 Sorry!) It’s definitely an exciting time in our neck of the woods!


4 thoughts on “We’re Joining the Big Leagues!

    • I’ve heard of the cricut, we ultimately decided on the Silhouette because we knew several people who had them and absolutely loved them!

  1. YEAH! You know this makes me oh so happy, Audra! (And I was so flattered for the shout-out.) And I love that Josh is a fan, too. Mark is similarly impressed with the machine…though he has yet to try it out for himself (we must rectify that soon!). Cannot wait to see the beauties you create with yours.

    If you’re looking for a fantastic group of Silhouette users who will inspire you (and jump to answer any questions you have), I’d LOVE for you to join my Silhouette FB group. Plus any excuse to interact with Audra in social media world is a verrrry good thing! Here’s the link to request membership if you’re interested: http://www.thinkingcloset.com/the-silhouette-challenge-facebook-group-new-members-welcome/

    • Oh man! We’ve been crafting up a storm over here! I’ve got a post in the works later this morning about our first project! The Silhouette has quickly become my favorite crafting tool! I feel like I can make anything!

      I’m definitely going to take a peak at the group! I’m all about connecting these days! Thank you so much for the invite!!!

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