Friday’s Letters


Dear Joy, I’m so glad that we are out in the open now! Open for business! We’ve already had our first (hopefully of many) sales, and can’t wait to see what new experiences come from being my own boss. It’s almost too good to be true!

Dear Husband! I’m so glad that you have the day off! It’s not often, and with your new position and responsibilities you needed a quick little break! And thank you. Thank you for believing in me, and joy, and supporting this decision that might seem absolutely crazy to most. Your faith in me means the world to me! I love, love, love you!

Dear Spring, I hope you’re here to stay! The snow you sent us this week was no bueno. No bueno. I see my tulips have started to pop up, so thanks for that! Please, please stay this time around!

Dear Jesus, Today we remember the sacrifice you made on the cross for us. The great act that took place on this day, that reconciled us to God once and for all. You gave us hope. We learn that suffering is not the worst evil, and the knowledge that we do not suffer alone. Our suffering is bearable because we have been redeemed.


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