Lighten Up (the living room that is…)

IMG_20140318_133940Okay. So, we might have changed our minds. Again. I know, I know. The amount of times we change our minds around here is astonishing and I should really come to expect it by now, but alas, I do not.

That’s right. We painted the living room. And the kitchen, dining room, upstairs stairwell and hallway. So yes, we’ve been busy around these parts as of late but we’re super glad that we made the decision and the switch along with it!

dining room 1You all remember the green? It looked like Kermit the Frog was smeared all over our walls! Mind you, we absolutely loved it and it was the perfect paint color for the first floor (the actual color was Behr’s Asparagus…) and we would always laugh because we’d see it all over paint commercials, design shows, and magazines a year after we painted it that color! For the first time ever, I was fashion forward… it was très weird.

Levi's version of helping... sitting on the drop cloth looking adorable!

Levi’s version of helping… sitting on the drop cloth looking adorable!

After two and a half days (I’m talking 9am-9pm here people!) we went from this:

DSC_0132To this:

Kr_ciphWNCavJwNroxijv9pX_oOzJPtY0aDgLCcTK6IwtBBP4zBHLRcFi3XQpdCaSw=w709-h753And we love it! Yes, we still miss the green and for the first couple of days it didn’t quite feel like our house anymore but we settled in by the end of last week. The color we chose was Stingray by Benjamin Moore that we had color matched at Home Depot into Glidden Duo Paint, Primer in One. We opted for the color match because the only place we could buy BM paint was about 30 minutes away and we really didn’t want to drive all the way across town if we ran out of paint. And we wanted the paint/primer in one. We were painting over bright green. We needed all the help we could get!

Speaking of help, this is where our other paint hero came into play. We (meaning I…) was super paranoid about trying to paint over the green and having to do a TON of coats and having the green show through. What can I say? I’m still naive about some of these painting things… After talking to Josh’s best friend (who happens to have worked in a paint department before… score for having handy friends!!) he mentioned that we might want to use a tinted primer. I had already wanted to use a primer, but I hadn’t really thought of using a tinted one… when we finally made up our minds after going back and forth several times, we headed up the road to Home Depot to buy our paint and primer. We asked the attendant if we could have our Killz 2 tinted to a similar color for our project to which they responded, “Yes, we can do that, but we will do a half formula so the color won’t be too dark” Wonderful! When we received our paint and primer they all looked the same, tint wise that is.

We came home and slapped some paint on the walls, after taping and cutting in and all that other fum prep stuff and were amazed at the coverage! One coat of the tinted Killz 2 primer and the green was gone! Gone! I was impressed. Impressed with the coverage and concealment. It was wonderful! So we continued to paint…. and paint, and paint some more!

20140318_114944When we switched to the Glidden Duo (the lighter of the two colors above…) I was once again amazed by the coverage! We only needed one coat of the Duo and you never would have guessed in a million years that our walls were once Kermit the Frog Green! And this time around, painting went a whole lot faster. A WHOLE LOT FASTER! We borrowed a Wagner Power Roller from a colleague of Josh’s and I promise you, it works like magic. Magic! I had the entire first/final coat of the Duo paint done in an afternoon. An afternoon! Mind you, going back and cutting everything in took the rest of the night, but it was done. Done! In one little afternoon! Forget paint sprayers, the power roller is the way to go in my book!

0dGhFA00gHqHzKFubAteuJHK5dinNA3FOIjqqLpF-vOQv_I_u3cuML2VLwlnlzSz0A=w709-h753And we were left with a pretty fantastic space! I’m serious, you would never know that our walls were once green. I wouldn’t believe it myself, or the fact that it took only 2 coats of paint to cover it if I hadn’t done it myself!

OIH2VsDLD9MZKEE-_dYck_hhi4VjDB9p6S0eXKRBn_RLf_i7W_TSNkKBvYJs6aATbw=w709-h753We’re so glad we went with Stingray! It has a subtle green undertone that (which was the reason we chose it to begin with!) but has a cool grey/taupe color. We also considered other Benjamin Moore colors- Edgecomb Gray, Revere Pewter, and Moonshine- but Stingray was the color for us! And I love how it changes through out the day and makes the whole room seem brighter and more airy… it’s pretty fantastic!

lo2AIyKgFzCrVi9gsAGORqgBfR6TL-CGeutKEqS4pUePVu51QsgwMG_plKh1f0js_w=w709-h753Overall, we really couldn’t be happier with the final choice to change up the room color. Yes, the green will always have a special place in our hearts and maybe another room down the road, but this color is just so much more sophisticated, and a little more mellow! It was a good choice for us!

What have you guys been switching up lately? Anyone else have a bit of spring fever? That’s what I’m attributing this burst of painting too! Let’s hear all about it!


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