Friday’s Letters

1964916_10152232144549194_528644960_nDear Spring! You officially arrived yesterday, and I feel like I can finally let out a sigh of relief that you made it here. Finally. After a rough winter with snow storm after snow storm, I’ll be glad to enjoy some of your sunshine and rain storms! And tulips! Oh, the tulips are starting to sprout and I for one, couldn’t be more ready for some color around here!

Dear Josh, What a week?! I think we both surprised ourselves with the amount of work that we were able to get done this week! I know a few of the changes aren’t your favorite, but I think we’ll be okay for a (hopefully) short amount of time! The juice is worth the squeeze after all! We’re on an adventure! I love, love, love you!

Dear Little Levi, You weren’t quite as rotten this week, but I am dreading leaving you for a whole week! What are we going to do without our little Monster Man? Clearly, I’m a bit attached to you, silly dog. Either way, I’m sure you’ll have fun with Bailey & Co. up north, but we are sure going to miss you little pooch!

Dear Knee, I don’t know what I did this week to make you so angry with me, but I’m sorry! I’d appreciate it if you would quit hurting so bad so I can get back to running soon! Haven’t you heard? I’ve got a race to run!

Dear Walt Disney World, Get Ready. We’re coming to you soon! So soon!


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend- I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping to play in the flower bed!


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