Oops, we did it again!

1779177_10152211991699194_1544669042_nFor those of you who follow us on Instagram (here or here) you will have noticed that we have been up to our usual antics around here and busted out some paint samples again. But not for what you think! We actually decided to not even use the paint colors we chose. Or even the area that we thought we were going to paint. Ahh, yes, we live for indecisiveness!

I know what you’re all thinking, “But why the paint samples if you aren’t painting that color?” Because my dear friends, because the area we painted will be perfectly fine being left as primer.  Yes, I said it. We’re leaving it primed. No paint. Just primer. And what area did we paint?

DSC_0502The basement stairwell. Because let’s face it, the blue was fun, but it didn’t exactly play well with the rest of the house. And, it’s a basement stairwell, we don’t need anything fancy in there, just enough to get the job done. So. We painted it. Again. And by we, I mean me, Audra, because Josh was at work bringing home the kibble!

IMG_20140310_112327With the decision made, we got to work! As always, we taped off the area that we didn’t want to paint with Frog Tape, which wasn’t too bad this time around since I didn’t have to tape off each riser like last time… This time around we opted for a drop cloth on the stairs- we didn’t want any stray spatter all over the painted stairs! It was maybe $3.50 at Home Depot and turned out to be quite handy since I can make quite the mess while painting!

IMG_20140310_150142(1)And before you knew it, we were looking at some bare white walls! Sorry about the awkward cell phone photos, I was sending my progress to Josh as I went… for encouragement! It took two coats of primer to completely cover up the blue and we used a basic primer from Sherwin Williams that was leftover from when we built the house (almost 2 1/2 years ago!!). But the paint wasn’t the only thing we changed about this space. See that awkward spot where the foundation meets the framing for the house? Well, we finally got around to cleaning that up, too!

I don’t have any pictures of this part of the project though… sad day… Anyway, I picked up 2, 8 foot sections of pine, one was a 1″ x 4″, the other, a 1″ x 2″ that I cut to size to fit the little ledge at the landing. Then they were both primed along with the railing (that still needed to be put back on the wall… oops!) and waited until Josh came home.

After trying to nail the 1″ x 2″ directly to the ledge and then attaching the 1″ x 4″ to it to no avail I thought all was lost… Seriously, I did. Josh came in and saved the day. I pried the 1″ x 2″ from the ledge and attached the two pieces together, making an “L”. He then took the “L” and directly attached it to wood framing of the house (he actually removed the little pieces of drywall along the edge before attaching it). The result was phenomenal.

DSC_0659We used paintable caulking around the edges for a seem-less look (sorry, crazy shadows…) and then I came back through and filled the nail holes and where the two pieces of pine were joined with wood filler and left it to dry overnight. Once the caulk and filler had cured, I went back over it with a sanding block until it was completely smooth and then prepped it for primer. The new ledge took about 4 coats of primer, I might have gone a little overboard, but I didn’t want anything peeking through the paint.

DSC_0671The end result is pretty fantastic. It looks like it’s been there since the house was built! This is another one of those “I can’t believe we didn’t do this sooner” kind of projects, because the materials were mostly free and the wood pieces we bought were about $13 all together. 0001Again, sooo much better than what we were looking at before! And as you can see, our railing finally made it’s way back onto the wall, so we are officially back up to code! Wahoo!

Anyway, what have you folks been DIY’ing lately? Anything that might have taken a turn for the worse before someone came swooping in to save the day? That’s essentially what happened here, Josh saved the day! And we couldn’t be happier with our finished product!




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