Put a Tack in it

memoIt’s been crazy busy around the joyosphere house as of late and I’d like to think that it’s because of that busyness that this post has taken so long to make it’s way out into the world. Sorry about that, sometimes life happens!

But anyway, where did we leave off… oh yeah! The laundry room! Last time we were in the process of turning our drab, dungeon like laundry/mud room into something fabulous. Let’s look back at the before just to refresh my rusty old brain…

Laundry room 1It was the definition of builder basic and those cabinets had become dumping grounds for some very strange objects dare I say… It was not a pleasant place to spend the day off doing laundry. But fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, we had installed some shelves to add some color and warmth to the room…

DSC_0712The awkward placement of the cabinets threw the whole “warm and inviting” feeling off a bit. So when my Dad had a spare minute, he came down to our neck of the woods and helped Josh to move the whole thing down, and over (after I had emptied it out and cleaned it up a bit). Now, not only can I reach ALL of the shelves, it’s nice and organized and I no longer have fish tank filters taking up room in the cabinet!

DSC_0653But wait, there’s more! As I’m sure you already spotted, we got around to finally adding some hardware to those cabinet doors! Yippee! We picked them up at Home Depot (of course!) for about $2 a pop and threw those suckers up there. The knobs we chose are similar to the ones in the rest of the house because I’m crazy and like everything to be the same. These knobs are just smaller (because of the smaller cabinet size) and don’t have the same rounded edges as the rest of the house does. Not bad for some free cabinets!

DSC_0649The last project that we completed for the room was a memo board that we made from material we had on hand- for free! Ca-ching! The wall opposite of the washer and dryer was looking a little bare, with only the ironing board and iron occupying and a coat rack occupying it on opposite ends of the room. A memo board was perfect for this space for us because 99.9% of the time, we come in and out of the door in the laundry room, with mail, shopping bags, etc. So it was only natural that the laundry room in it’s previous life became a dumping ground for mail, photos, shopping receipts, and in order to put a stop to that we needed a memo board!

Now, while I was putting this together I was also simultaneously doing laundry, cleaning, and packing for a weekend trip to Michigan… aka I really didn’t want to go out to try and look for supplies- I wanted to use what I had on hand to make this board. So after rummaging around my craft space in the basement I emmerged with ribbon, batting, some scrap fabric that was given to me, a staple gun, needle and thread, buttons, and most importantly, a spare canvas. Most memo boards are made of cork which you can stick tacks into to hold items up but since I didn’t have a spare cork board handy, I grabbed a canvas (which I think I grabbed on sale several years ago from Michael’s….)

DSC_0595First things first, I stapled my batting to the canvas. I was going for a nice, plush, tufted look so I added two layers and stapled it to the back of the canvas.

DSC_0600Next, I did the exact same thing with the fabric.

DSC_0612Then I added the ribbon on a diagonal, stapling both ends to the back of the canvas. A useful tip for this project is to make sure you pull everything taut before you staple. I added ribbon going the opposite way as well, and stapled it to the back of the frame.

I used a lot of staples for this project….

To give it the quilted/tufted look I was going for, I sewed buttons to every intersection of ribbon. I ended up using a bunch of mismatched buttons all in the same tone- I felt like it gave it a bit of character!

DSC_0625That’s it! That’s all it took to complete! Pretty easy right? If I can do it while watching Law & Order re-runs, doing laundry, cleaning, and packing up the car, it shouldn’t take to long at all! Or I could just be crazy. That’s always an option!

It looks quite lovely. I had originally planned to make two of the same, but 1) I ran out of ribbon, and 2) I feel like the one is more than enough for the space. I think for now we’re going to call the laundry room complete, but you know us, we could always change our mind!

What have you all been up to? Has spring fever taken hold of your house yet? Because it sure has here! We’ve got lots of little projects that we want to knock (out of the park!) this spring!!


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