The Monster Man


As I mentioned in this post, our poor, sweet partial poodle had to have surgery last month. It was a little more than we bargained for and left me feeling a little sleep deprived. But before we get started on what happened, let’s back up to when we first rescued our little monster…

599337_417517095022357_775997306_nLevi was just a little ball of fluff that someone surrendered to a rescue group and had only been with the foster rescuer for a few days. He was just a lovable ball of fluff and we couldn’t believe that someone gave up such a perfect dog! We loved him (and his little mohawk) immediately!

When we took a good look at him (and the vet as well…) we noticed that he had a bit of a bump on top of his noggin that we concluded was just a growth and would be completely harmless in the long run. The vet didn’t seem too concerned with it and as such, neither did we. This was back in the June time frame that this all happened.


Fast forward a few months later to around Thanksgiving, people started to wonder if that bump on his noggin had been growing… scary, right? We hadn’t thought that it had been growing, at least not that we had noticed. We kept an eye on it and if we noticed a difference in size we said we’d get it checked out.


Sure enough, within the month we noticed a difference in the size and shape of the old bump, which we had affectionately named his “unicorn horn” or “horn” at this point since he is our little “monster” after all! So we made an appointment for the little guy right after we came home from Michigan.

We took our little monster to the vet to have him checked out and to make a long story short, the vet didn’t know what it was that was causing his little horn to grow. Which caused some concern and distress in us. She gave us several options that we could try, but in the end we decided that we should just have it taken off completely and have it sent in for tests.

A week later, I drove Levi to the vet’s office early in the morning for his surgery (and teeth cleaning that he really needed as well). Levi was not pleased, I think he knew I was pretty anxious, and the other dogs in the lobby  weren’t helping. After getting him checked in, the waiting game began. I went home and did some cleaning to keep busy, but when I hadn’t heard anything by 4:00pm, I got a little worried especially since he hadn’t had any food or water since the night before. I called the office but didn’t get any definitive answers. I talked with Josh and he knew how upset I was and called the vet back and got answers as to how he was doing and when we could pick him up.

6:00pm rolled around and I promptly picked up our partial poodle and brought him home. The sight of him almost brought tears to my eyes. He looked so defeated and sad. Albeit, he was pretty groggy from the anesthesia, but it was quite sad.

994128_10152126260144194_1617473975_nI ended up sleeping on the couch with him that night because he couldn’t fit in his kennel with his e-collar on. It was a pretty sleepless night to say the least. And I was not prepared for the after effects of the anesthesia- I won’t go into any details here, but let’s just say there were plenty of messes to go around over the next 48 hours.

996525_10152127318894194_2058053001_nWe ended up buying him a different e-collar, the Comfy Collar, because it just worked better for his build. Although it wasn’t translucent like the one from the vet it was more comfortable for Levi to wear and sleep with. After the hailstorm of the first 48 hours were over, he perked back up considerably and even got to chase the snow plows in our neighborhood!

It was pretty spectacular to see him bounce back. He still had to wear the cone for another week but he got to sleep in our bed at night, so I don’t think he minded too much!

A week later we got the test results from his growth, and it turns out that it was a tumor. A benign tumor, but according to the results, it would have just continued to grow and grow. Which means that it would have been even harder for them to remove completely and would be dangerous to Levi. So it was a good call to have it taken out when it was still relatively small. Phew. Huge sigh of relief for us!

1796502_10152157136014194_28643536_nNow our little monster is back to his normal self- begging for people food- he just looks a little more like Frankenstein these days! Which is just encourages us to call him out little monster! His curly poodle hair hides his scar pretty well for now! He get to see his favorite groomer tomorrow now that it’s finally warm enough to have him sheared!

Moral of the story: get those bumps (or horns) checked out! Levi’s such a part of our family now, we would be devastated if we lost him suddenly! We’re glad that it all worked out for us and that our monster is back to his normal devious self!

1462956_10151977580724194_1401727636_nWe hope he has many, many years of chasing the street sweeper! We love you, Levi Monster!



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