We’re back!


Phew, it’s been a while folks!

After all the excitement from the holidays, we decided that we needed to take some time away and unplug ourselves from the blogosphere to recoup some energy and come back out swinging! A lot has happened in the past month or so that we’ve been away:

  • Christmas! Of course, but we were married this time around which made it that much more exciting!
  • Our first wedding anniversary! YAY!
  • We welcomed the New Year together with the whole family at our house!
  • Michigan State won the Rose Bowl! Go Green!
  • We traveled to Detroit to take in the North American Auto Show and Detroit Institute of Arts with my younger brother and best friend!
  • Our precious partial poodle, Levi had surgery.
  • Joyosphere turned 1 year old!!! (It’s a milestone, people!)
  • We bought FitBits to help get out rears in gear!
  • We were nominated for the “You are My Sunshine” Award! So, shout out to Alison at Alison Brickman Makes it Work! Such a wonderful surprise! (Look for our response by the end of the week!)

In due time, you’ll hear about each and every one of these events, but for now, we’re busy getting our hands dirty with some projects to get our year off to a great start!

PicMonkey Collage

Looking back, it’s been a pretty phenomenal first year for us here at joyosphere and we definitely wouldn’t change that for all the Nutella and bacon in the world- from sponsorship offers to complete and utter DIY fails, we’ve shared it all and hope to continue to do so for many, many more moons to come! For now, we’re completely content just to share our story with all of our wonderful readers- HUGE thank you to you guys and gals, because let’s face it, we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t have your overwhelming support! We love you guys!

Josh and I have some big dreams and plans for projects that we want to tackle this year, and as always, we’ll be here to share the good, the bad, and the ugly with you along the way. We’re only just dipping out toes in the water, so stay tuned for more exciting updates!


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