Mug o’ love

In the midst of Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, baking, and general spreading of Holiday Cheer, we’ve also got an anniversary on our hands. Our first wedding anniversary! (I’m sure I might have mentioned it a time or two already… feel free to smack me if it gets to be too much, I’m quite excited for it!) So naturally when my best friend, Kat, offered to take some photos of us for our first anniversary, we were all in!

Kat asked us to bring some props for our photos, and what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a cold, snowy, December day? Why, hot chocolate of course! What better way to warm up on a cold day than with a nice piping hot mug of hot chocolate! Which reminded me of a Pinterest post (this post actually) I saw a while back of some cute sharpie mugs for couples that I thought could be just the right amount of “whimsy” for our photos. And the instructions couldn’t be easier! A simple winter craft that can be done in an evening.

Instructions can be found just about anywhere you look online, and I worked from those.


First of all, grab some mugs. As long as they’re ceramic, they should work just fine. I grabbed ours for about $7 at Meijer’s but I have also seen this project done with Dollar Store or Target mugs.


Next, I took our handy dandy grease pencil and drew on some designs. You can also do this with a plain old pencil as well. The grease pencil was nice because I could just rub it off with my finger if I didn’t like it. It’s pretty faint here, but it’s just a “rough draft”…. pay no attention to the crumbs either…


I then traced over my design with a sharpie marker. I traced over it twice to make sure it was nice and uniform in color. Once the marker had dried, I could rub off any areas of the grease pen that were left over. What’s also great about this step is that if you make a mistake with the sharpie, you can wash it off in warm water with a stiff brush!

Once my designs were complete, I placed them on a baking pan to go in the oven. I actually put the mugs in the oven and then turned it on, which allowed the mugs to warm up along with the oven (I didn’t know if anything would crack or not…) Once it warmed up to 350 degrees, I started the timer for 30 minutes, and let them “bake”. After the 30 minutes was up, I turned the oven off and left the mugs in the oven to cool gradually along with the oven.

After an hour or two I pulled out the mugs when they were cooled and took a good look at them. The designs had stayed and looked pretty good! And then I immediately texted Kat to get her “approval” for the mugs as props, what are best friends for, right?!


I think I might make some more of these cute little mugs, maybe for my sister… to go along with all of that holiday baking I’ve been doing! Seriously though, how cute would these be, with some gingerbread cookies and hot cocoa mix?! Adorable. Although I think I’ll do those with those sharpie paint pens that I’ve seen around, just to make them dishwasher safe!

Can’t wait to have our little photoshoot here in a few days! And these mugs will be nice keepsakes from our first anniversary!


2 thoughts on “Mug o’ love

  1. I love that you guys are still so in love with one another! Such a beautiful couple! Can’t wait to make the kids their own cocoa mugs!!

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