‘Tis the Season

Phew. So somehow we are already in December? Craziness, I tell you.

Now that our tummies are nice and full of turkey, and potatoes, and dressing (and after a nice loonnnngggg nap…) we’re charging forward into December, and Christmas, and our first anniversary, AND New Year’s. Man, it’s about to get crazy up in here!

But let’s not forget the reason for the season! This time last year we were so busy getting ready for our wedding that we didn’t really take the time to soak up the season of Christmas and the genuine joy it brings. So what better way to enjoy the season and prepare for Christmas than our very own Advent Calendar!?

A few weeks ago I “pitched” the idea to my dear, sweet, husband, who being the awesome guy that he is, was on board before you could say “jingle all the way!” After my successful “pitch” of the project, I dragged kidnapped drove to the local Goodwill with Josh where he helped me pick out our perfect starting point, a large picture frame.


I know she doesn’t look like much right now, but I’m telling you, she was a beaut! And for $4.99, it was impossible to beat the price! Once we got that beautiful frame home, it was time to get to work.


First of all, we had to take the picture, glass, and foam matting out of the frame itself. Thankfully, this wasn’t too hard since nothing was tacked or glued or otherwise adhered to the frame itself. Easy peasy. I decided to keep the glass and foam matting, hoping that I would have a use for them later on, but the pretty pony, sadly, found his/her way out to the curb.


I then gave the frame a quick sanding with our handy dandy sanding blocks and a quick wipe down with warm water and vinegar to clear her up a bit before painting. First up, the primer. I still hadn’t put away any of my painting supplies from our stairwell makeover, so I grabbed the same primer I used there for our pretty little frame. It took two coats of primer and two coats of some satin white Valspar paint that we had leftover and plenty of time to dry before her transformation was complete.


You  may be wondering why I didn’t go the old spray paint route (which, yes, would have been faster)… and I’ll tell you why- it’s been pretty darn cold these last couple of weeks, well below the temperature that’s necessary to use spray paint effectively. So, we gave it the old college try and painted it by hand. Which was pretty great for me, because I was able to sneak in some pre-Thanksgiving Christmas tunes!


After the frame was dry, it was time to string her up! I used baker’s twine that I (still!) have leftover from our summer celebrations, and some tacks that I found on Josh’s workbench. I carefully hammered the tacks in place and tied the string around the tack. I did this on both sides along the back of the frame so it would be hidden from view.


I then used clothespins to attach little envelopes (also left over from this summer!) to the the twine. Each day is numbered, made from leftover scrapbook paper and a sharpie. Inside each envelope are a couple of chocolates and a bible verse to read for that day. It’s a pretty simple system. Read the verse, get the chocolate.


For only $4.99, I think it’s a pretty darn good investment for a daily reminder of the reason for the season! I’m already planning some improvements for it for next year… paper might not last in the long run if you know what I mean! For now, we love the glint of the scrapbook paper and the simplicity of the calendar. Pay no attention to the Fall decorations… I need to put those away until next year still! What can I say, December snuck-up on us this year!


What have you guys been doing lately? With a fresh new season, I feel so inspired! So many crafts, so little time! I sure am glad December is finally here!


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