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I really was planning on doing our staircase reveal today. Really, I was! Although I’m looking at some of the photos, and well, I can’t quite bring myself to do a reveal with some “less than okay” spots in my paint job… whoop! So as you’re reading this, picture me feverishly trying to touch up all my little “woopsies”!

So instead we’re sharing another previous project of ours… the office closet organization project! We’ve been slowly picking at this project for a while now because it was a lot to handle. We let the room get away from us, it had become a sort of dumping ground for all sorts of paperwork and tech stuff that I didn’t know what to do with.


See what I mean? Boxes and bags of all sorts. Oh hey look, there’s our drill!


The first step was to tackle the closet and the clutter. Since this is mainly Josh’s space I needed him for everything, just to make sure I didn’t get rid of something he desperately needed. To do that, we emptied out the closet. Mind you, we had already started that by moving all of his dress clothes into our master closet (you can read about that here).

DSC_0031It was a jumbled, jumbled mess. Kind of like a game of Jenga when you opened the door. Since this closet simply needed to function correctly as an office closet, I wasn’t too concerned over the form like I was for our other closet makeovers. We pulled out what was essential for Josh and set it aside to go back in later. Everything else, we pitched. We ended up having 2 large trash bags full of everything that wasn’t needed anymore that eventually found their way to a dumpster near by…

DSC_0486As you can see, it still has boxes, but we now know what’s in those boxes… wires, computer parts, hard drives, and pretty much any other computer thing you can think of that Josh might need. (PS- what do we do with all the leftover hangers we have from cleaning out the closets?!?) You might also notice that the little storage shelf that used to live in the corner is now in the closet, that’s because we might have played  a little game of musical furniture as well! You might remember from our tour that the office looked like this (back when it was clean, you know):

office 1Because now it feels like a completely different room in there, just with a little tweaking of the furniture placement:



DSC_0485Just by moving the desk out of the middle of the room, the room feels so much larger and warmer. Not so much cramped and stuffy. I’ve even been working in here! But that’s because we invested in nice plush office chair! We found it at Staples for $80, plus a 10% discount for being the floor model during their renovation although it was perfectly fine (apparently they don’t usually discount floor models…)! But it is a huge step up from the flight simulator seat that used to be in here. HUGE step up. I think I will do most of my writing in here… a much more conducive work space as opposed to the kitchen island where I had been doing most of my writing…

-1Not to mention Levi can take a puppy nap while he’s waiting for me to finish writing!

Now that it’s all said and done, I realize that all it took was a little patience and a willingness to work through the clutter, because it is so worth it when it’s done. Eventually we’ll invest in putting another shelf into the closet and maybe some “pretty” boxes in the closet, but for now it is a completely functional space and that was our end goal here. A place where we could go in and work and not feel completely overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” that had accumulated in there. Simplicity is fantastic.

Now that each of our “problem” spots have been taken care of before winter really sets in around here we can focus on other stuff… like the staircase… and enjoy our home even more without fear of being featured on an episode of Hoarders.

That does it for our organizational round up around here, what have you been organizing lately? Or are you like me and have been touching up paint for the past several days? I should really be more careful when taping spots off… I could save so much time!


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