Deep in the Heart of Texas

In retrospect, I totally should have labeled this series of posts “Travel Tuesdays”. Lord knows I’m a fan of a good alliteration every now and then… So, in keeping with the theme for the past several weeks of our summer round up, the next trip on the docket was to San Antonio, Texas. Solo.

We had been planning on going to Texas together all summer, so when Josh was called up to go to “down under” this summer for work, we hoped and prayed that it wouldn’t be at the same time as this trip was. We weren’t so lucky. A few days after saying our “see ya in two and a half weeks”, I jetted off to Texas for several days.

Turns out, it was a heck of a trip and had the best of times with my family as we were able to witness my brother’s graduation from Basic Training at Lackland Joint AFB. We all arrived the night before graduation, and after a very long day (or days, for those who drove…) of traveling, we were ready to hit the sack. Since our Dad is a veteran, we were able to stay on base for the duration of the trip, which was pretty nice since we had to be up bright and early to be at the parade grounds.


The parade itself was pretty cool to see as well. Although it was hot. Hotter than hot. Which is something I should have expected for the middle of August in San Antonio… I guess I was just in denial! There were four flights graduating this time around, and my sweet brother was in Warrior flight! Meaning, they didn’t score high enough for Honor Flight (there can only be 1, but it is the next “class” of flights instead of just being a normal one… I think…)…


Ohio’s flag is in there somewhere!

It was quite a sight, all the men and women who were graduating that day!

DSC_0091Soon enough though, we were able to see him march in front of us for “review” by the higher powers and other VIP’s who were in town for this graduation. Needless to say, we cheered for each and every one of them!

DSC_0094Ben graduated as an Airman First Class! Which I had no idea that he had received until we got there that day! Needless to say, we are super proud of what he accomplished! Go Ben!!

DSC_0156Once we were free to find our Airman, we took turns with photo ops before he was released for the weekend! After two and a half long months of not seeing him, it sure was a sight for sore eyes to see my not-so-little little brother!

DSC_0195Once we navigated our way off base, we were all about doing the typical touristy things that one does while in San Antonio… aka, we pretty much lived on the River Walk. Which you could totally do mind you, there are plenty of restaurants, hotels, shops, and pretty much anything that you could think of, all on this little river. And they have water taxis. Water taxis, people!


Speaking of water taxis, that first day we did the tour of the river walk by what else? A river boat! It was cool to say the least, in experience anyway because when it’s 106 outside cool is the last adjective we wanted to use to describe anything!

DSC_0235As you can imagine, I lugged our camera on board to capture all of the sights and sounds of the river walk to record for my husband as he worked away in Australia. It was pretty cool learning about the River Walk as well. I had no idea that San Antonio hosted a World’s Fair, and that this was the sight to see!

DSC_0246It wasn’t like anywhere I had ever been before. Towering buildings right on top of you as you meandered through the river on a little boat full of people. Sometimes, you couldn’t help but look up!

DSC_0258San Antonio is definitely somewhere that I would visit again, husband in tow, as well as with some cooler weather!

DSC_0275Definitely makes my top 5 list of awesome cities to visit! Maybe we’ll make it back some day! I think Ben enjoyed the city as well, as it was his first time experiencing it as well! (During Basic, they don’t get out much… at all…)

DSC_0206The next logical stop of course, was the Alamo! This was by far my favorite place of the entire trip. Yes, it was unbearably hot, and my pasty-white-Irish skin tone was scarily close to resembling a lobster, but I couldn’t help but take in and really absorb the history of the place.

And yes, I restrained myself from asking where the basement was…


Unfortunately, you can’t take photos in places like the Alamo so most of my photos are of the gardens outside, but the inside was way too awesome! I think I squealed every time I saw an artifact of “David Crockett’s”, and couldn’t help but sing the Davy Crockett song… I think I drove my whole family nuts with that!

DSC_0344Totally random, but I think this is the biggest Oak tree I have ever seen in my life. We found this guy in the gardens at the Alamo and just had to take a picture. This guy was H-U-G-E! I guess things really are bigger in Texas!

996903_10151753587684194_629185104_nSpeaking of rather large items, one of the last stops on our trip to Texas was this guy. The Tower of the Americas. No for someone like me, who is terrified of even getting up on a step ladder, getting to the top of this guy was a little daunting for me. Especially since the elevator has a gigantic window in it for you to look out as you go up… and you guessed it, I didn’t look!

DSC_0415At the top is a restaurant (much like the Renaissance Center in Detroit) that spins around 360 degrees as you eat. It was pretty cool and was able to give us some pretty sweet views of the city. And the food was delicious, by the way. Totally recommend it for future visits, I just need to remember to pack a blindfold next time…

The next morning it was time for me to head on home to good ol’ Columbus. I certainly had a ball in San Antonio and wouldn’t object to going back someday (when it’s cooler of course!) because lets face it, how cool is a city with river taxis? Only the coolest!

That about wraps up our summer, although maybe if I persuade him, Josh can give us a bit of a teaser of how his sight seeing in Australia was! Maybe you guys can convince him, hmm? Thursday we’ll have our latest project to share, and of course, it has to do with maps!

What have all of you wonderful folks been up to? Any last minute trips before fall really sets in?


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