Bring it on Home


What a summer! I don’t know about you guys, but I am so glad that fall is finally on it’s way here in heart of it all! Josh and I were so jam-packed this summer, we made an executive decision to take a “sabbatical” of sorts from writing for the most part this summer. It’s all good, and boy do we have lots to update you lovely readers on! I can hardly believe it’s September!

If you guys (and gals!) can remember, way back when, many moons ago, Josh & I were right smack dab in the middle of preparing for our summer receptions for all of our extended families in Columbus & Lansing. And let me tell you what, we won’t be planning any more parties for a few years after having 3 large parties within the past year, we’re party-pooped. Both parties were absolutely fantastic and we loved being able to share lots of love with all of our family and friends!

To kick things off, we had the first party in our lovely city of Columbus! We rented a banquet room on the top floor of Schmidt’s Restaurant in the historic German Village. If any of you fancy a trip to Columbus, you MUST go to German Village. MUST. We love it. The cobble stone streets, the historic homes, quaint gardens, the book store with 32 rooms FULL of books… oh wait, that’s just me!

Any way, back to the party. It was a hot and muggy day so we were thankful that we decided on an indoor facility to host the party, to keep all of our guests nice and cool. And the room was super neat as well! We had our own private room, as well as bar that served many of Schmidt’s own brews!



It was a really easy DIY for us to decorate as well. With the reclaimed barn wood on the walls, we wanted to keep it simple and purchased sunflowers and mason jars the day before from Meijer’s that only set us back about $60. This is what we ended up with:


And all those pictures on the wall? Paintings from all around German Village! I may or may not have wanted to bring several of them home with me…

We also put together our own (delicious) favors! Instead of doing a donation like we did for our wedding, we opted to go local and support a Columbus business and gave all of our guests Cheryl’s Cookies as a thank you. Now, if you haven’t tasted the magnificence of a Cheyl’s cookie, you should get on that, like, now. Seriously. Absolutely delicious!


We put the prepackaged cookies in some glassine baggies that we ordered off of Amazon for about $10 for 150 of them.  And we stuck custom labels on them courtesy of Martha Stewart that we picked up at Staples for $3.99 a pop. We also used some green and white baker’s twine to hold the envelopes closed and to seal in that delicious cookie! We ended up scoring the little wooden chalk board crate from Target on clearance for about $7.00! Not too shabby! It was a very shabby chic look, if we say so ourselves.


1003327_10151698893169194_2109065555_nOur little favor table held our photo albums (courtesy of Shutterfly!) and a slideshow that we used at our wedding reception that played showed off our engagement photos and some cute baby photos of us. It was a big hit for my family! And if you notice the little gift bags at the bottom of the table, those were some goody bags for those little ones who were less inclined to be interested in a party.

Those bags just had some crayons, little notebooks, some sweets, bubbles, and stickers to keep the little ones entertained. We just picked all of those little nick-nacs up from the Dollar Store for about $25. Easy peasy.

996556_10151698893894194_495063228_nWe were having such a wonderful time visiting friends, family, and eating such delicious food and sweets, that we didn’t take as many photos as I would have liked, but the experience is one we won’t soon forget! Someone, somewhere has more photos, and maybe eventually we’ll see them…

546844_10151693435159194_770403112_nWe had a such a great time, and were so thankful for all the family who made the trek to come and celebrate with us, it was seriously such a great night! Josh and I managed to snap a photo after the festivities ended, right before I dove into one of those delicious cookies… But we weren’t done celebrating yet!

One week later, we had our last hurrah up in Lansing with Josh’s side of the family! Josh’s grandparents offered to host the party in their yard, which they were pro’s at by the time our party rolled around! We were so thankful for their offer to host the party, it helped us out a lot! So Josh and I rented a tent, got some family members to cater and make a gorgeous cake, and we were all set to party!


The morning of the party we went to a local grocer and picked some fresh Gerber Daisies and used some wine carafes that one of Josh’s Aunts had handy for our centerpieces, which was perfect for an outdoor party in July, if you ask me. We also hung some paper lanterns throughout the tent that were also borrowed for the occasion and we were all set to party!



969107_10151734761224194_784460917_nAnd I just have to mention, this gorgeous cake was made by Josh’s cousin. How adorable, right! It even had green flecks throughout the cake! Absolutely stunning! She is so talented! I just love it!


Since the Lansing party was quite a bit larger than the Columbus reception, we had a photographer friend of ours take some stunning photos throughout the party! We were able to capture a lot of great memories and a family reception photo with Josh’s brother in from Shanghai. So many good memories!



1002174_10151734780184194_505445942_nYep. That happened. Boys will be boys, right?

And since we had a cake this time around, we had another cake to cut into!





993971_10151734788144194_800488381_nKa-pow! It was good cake!


1148800_10151734761244194_951987406_nIt was a truly wonderful celebration! And we are so glad that we have so many memories to share with so many of our family and friends!

So, after all that partying was done, we were able to head off on vacation for a few days, but more on that next week! We’ve got a lot of sharing to do! It was definitely a summer to remember!

We’ve also been DIY’ing our little hearts out, so Thursday we will have another project to share with all of you wonderful readers! We’re so glad to be back!


4 thoughts on “Bring it on Home

  1. You certainly have had your hands full with all those parties! But I’m sure you’re a pro at planning by now!

    So glad you’re back to writing! Can’t wait to see what project you’ve got for us next!

    • Thanks! It certainly feels good to have those parties under our belts, that’s for darn sure! And it really feels good to be writing again! I’m so ready to jump back in! We have some awesome fall projects in store!

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