Our Nest: The Grand Tour

So, now that we are half way done with our summer celebrations, and our house is nice and squeaky clean, we figured it was about time to give you all the grand tour! After being lived in for two years this December (eeek!) we’ve made lots of little changes a long the way, but it is certainly a labor of love for Josh and I. So, in keeping with this week’s theme, let’s get this party started!

Dining Room

dining room 1

We haven’t done all that much in here, mostly because it’s perfectly lovely just the way it is. Eventually we might switch out the light fixture for something a little more “us” but for now, we’re loving it just the way it is! The table has a leaf in it, for all the visitors we had this past weekend, but it’s usually a little bit smaller, just for the two of us!

Oh, and those paintings on the wall? The one on the left of the Grand Hotel was done by Josh’s sister, and the one on the right was done by his grandmother! Talk about talent!

dining room 2

And for you eagle eyes out there, the dining room is also where Levi sleeps at night, since we don’t let him upstairs with us. He doesn’t seem to mind… much!

Laundry Room / Mud Room

Laundry room 1

Off of the kitchen/dining room is our laundry/mud room. This room is mostly untouched as well, except for the cabinets hanging there in the corner. When Josh built the house, they originally had these cabinets hanging in the kitchen, but they weren’t the right ones. We had ordered tall cabinets to go with the high ceilings, but these were your standard builder basic cabinets. So to make a long story short, we were able to keep the cabinets, as well as the tall ones in the kitchen, so the extra cabinets made their home in the laundry room and garage.

Eventually, we’ll add more storage with some sort of shelving system underneath the cabinets and above the sink, but we’ll get to that some other day.

laundry room 2This room opens up into the garage at the back of the house, so we’re in and out of here a lot during the day as you can imagine. But it is also the home of some of our wedding chalk boards as you can see here. Maybe someday I will paint them really fun bright colors so that they pop a little bit more off the wall… now they just sort of blend in with it…


kitchen 1Not including the basement, the kitchen is probably where we’ve done the most. One of the first things that Josh really wanted to do was the back splash and under cabinet lights. Josh invited his uncle down for a weekend back before we were married, and the two of them tackled the back splash- which just looks phenomenal.

And now it’s really funny, because we feel like we see our kitchen everywhere- in magazines, on tv, etc.- the white subway tile with black grout must be verrrryyy in, because we see it all the time now! We feel so hip and cool!

As for the under cabinet lights, I think it makes a world of a difference- especially while cooking! Josh just picked up a pack of under cabinet puck lights and ran them between the cabinets, and finished it off with some trim to make sure you couldn’t see the wires… but man, I think this might be my favorite upgrade in the entire house!

As far as what we would still like to do to this room, I think we’re leaning towards putting some trim above the top of the cabinets to give it a more finished look, instead of just cabinets hung on a wall, and finding a good solution to covering our kitchen window at night… still haven’t decided on that yet…

Living Room

living room 1

Living Room 2Much like the laundry and dining rooms, we haven’t changed much in our living room. We’ve played around with the furniture arrangement a little bit, but we always come back to this arrangement. We have added a new smart thermostat, the Nest, which is self learning and is by far the coolest piece of tech in the house. It’s right over there, the small round thing by the stairs. We absolutely love having this little guy, check it out and go get one. Seriously. Do it.

We finally got around to adding a ceiling fan as well. Which we are kicking ourselves for not doing that sooner, we couldn’t believe the difference it made in temperature. It was a life saver last week, when temperatures here hit 100 degrees!

curtain panelsOf course, we also added curtains in here as well, which you can read about here. I’m still in love with these curtains, but maybe someday I will add a back to them to keep it nice and dark in here for movie nights! Only time will tell though!



I won’t lie, when I moved in after we got married, this space was a little bare and awkward to me. But it was a blank canvas for me to work with. We added the wreath to the front closet door (mostly because our storm door wouldn’t close completely with it on the front door), the bench which was up-cycled from a kitchen cabinet, and the gallery wall for a little more decoration.

Of course, it’s still a work in progress, but I love it a lot more and it’s not as awkward as it used to be!

Half Bath

Half Bath 1 half bath 2

Right off of the entryway, we have a half bath, which everyone claims is quite handy. Besides putting up a couple of paintings, we haven’t done much here either (gosh, we still have a lot to do!)… Eventually, I would love to put some sort of feature wall in here, maybe from a pallet or some stenciling, but I would still need to plan that puppy out. Another thing on my radar is to add some trim to that naked mirror we have in there that screams builder basic!

Stairs & Upstairs Hallway

Upstairs hallway

stairs 1This stairwell is by far the most daunting task of all… it’s probably close to 30 feet tall, with a gigantic window that I have no idea what to do with. How do you decorate such a space? I’m still researching what to do here…

The upstairs hall, which connects the guest room, office, guest bathroom, and master suite all together is really more of a landing, but we make it work just fine. I think we would eventually like to put a ceiling fan in here as well, to help circulate the air (which is how we found our uninvited guest…) but it’s really too soon to tell what will end up happening in here.

Guest Bathroom

guest bathroom

guest bathroom 2Pretty basic in here. We plan to add some framing around this mirror as well and maybe a curved shower rod at some point as well. Although what I like about our bathrooms are that the sinks are a single piece of marble, because it makes it so much easier to clean! Love it!

Guest Room


DSC_0085You guys have seen this room before… not much has changed here. We’re still working on a custom art project that was supposed to be done last week, but due to some rain a monsoon, we’ve had to put that bad boy on hold.


office 1This is where the magic I mean, work goes on. When Josh works from home or has a late night meeting with the Australia office, this is where it all goes down. We’ve got a pretty sweet set up here, and this room can also double as sleeping quarters since that couch there folds down into a twin size bed. Cool huh!? Eventually, if we’re in this house when we have little monsters kids, this will be a nursery and the office will move into the finished basement. But for now, it’s perfect for Josh and his career.

Master Suite

master 1

master 2Much like the guest room, you guys have seen this room before as well. The only difference is now we have a ceiling fan in here! Wahoo! I must say, I am really glad we had them rough in the electrical for the fans, it made installing them super easy. And again, we’re kicking ourselves for not putting the fan in sooner!

Master Bath

master bath 1

Besides hanging a few pictures and paintings in here, the only real change in here has been switching the regular shower curtain rod with a curved one, that I think Josh swears by. This bathroom layout is pretty much the same as the guest bath so we won’t get into too much detail here.

Eventually, if we’re here long enough we plan to expand the bathroom into the closet to make room for dual sinks, which would be nice, since it is a master bathroom. Only time will tell if we get to that one!


open spaceI’m sure you are all familiar with this update, since we’ve been working on it the past month, so we won’t get into the nitty gritty here (although you can read about it here, here, and also here…).

We still plan to add some more items in here, like additional lighting and such, but for right now, we’re just waiting for the rains to pass so we can enjoy some time out here!



storage 2

Our basement has gone through quite the transformation since it was built as well. You can read all about what has gone into our basement here, as well as what we plan to do in the future with it as well!


Phew, that was a little longer than I thought it would be! But now you all have the inside scoop as to what’s going on behind the scenes here at joyosphere…. what are you guys up to lately? For the most part, we’re just waiting for the rain to stop!


5 thoughts on “Our Nest: The Grand Tour

  1. Oh goodness, I L-O-V-E your house! I especially love the tile in the kitchen, it’s such a timeless, classic look! Great job! I’m already looking forward to your next project!

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