Mission Accomplished!

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Okay folks, we’re back in action here at joyosphere and personally, we couldn’t be more excited to finally share with you what’s been going on around these parts!


This is what we had been dealing with here in Columbus over the past few weeks- summer thunderstorms. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good afternoon thunderstorm, but having one every afternoon for two weeks was seriously putting a damper on our patio project (oh yes, pun intended!)…

But never fear! Soon after we returned from our 4th of July celebration in Lansing, we were able to start knocking this bad boy out!


You all remember last time we updated you guys with our plans, right? Good, we’ll jump right in. We chose a new product from Behr to give our patio a more cohesive look, called DeckOver. It’s basically a paint (kind of like a mix between DryLok and floor epoxy) that you can use to seal wood or concrete. The best thing about it you ask? It won’t crack, peel, or mildew and leaves a barefoot-friendly surface! We think it’s pretty much the greatest thing since sliced bread in our house!


So once we spent the $158 bones on this 5-gallon bucket, we were ready to go (after it stopped raining of course)! Of course, we taped off all the siding first- we didn’t want any accidents from trying to wing it without the tape! And then we started the lonnnngggg process of painting this bad boy!

josh rolling

cutting in

Obviously, Josh got the the roller and I had cutting in duty, and it usually works out great for us this way. We ended up going with a “coffee” colored paint, but as we were painting, it totally looked more like chocolate to us! That’s probably why all I’ve wanted lately is chocolate…

So we continued this process, three times over. Making sure we had all the little nooks and crannies completely covered. This was a difficult task surprisingly. Most poured concrete patio areas (or at least the one’s I’ve encountered…) tend to be smooth to the touch. Our definitely wasn’t. It was rough and tough, and nothing that you would want to walk on barefoot. So if you have a smoother surface you are wanting to paint, we’re guessing that it would only take two coats, instead of the three we ended up painting.

patioBut boy, oh boy, was it worth the wait and all the rain delay’s we have had over the past few weeks! It sure was nice to just sit out on the patio and enjoy the evening, and admire our hard work! Sure we still have a few things to knock out back there, but the hard work is done, and it’s a completely usable space now!

As far as that list goes, here’s an updated list of what we still need to do:

  • Install pavers
  • Paint pavers
  • Use sand to fill in the cracks
  • Use pebbles around the outside to fill any gaps
  • Power Wash the surface to get rid of any stray sand or grass
  • Hide the gas/electric meters
  • Hang cafe lights
  • Hang a clothesline
  • Find some fun chair cushions
  • Start a small container garden!
  • Water feature? (Still need to convince Josh of this…)

But for now, we’re happy with what we’ve got! So much more space! And we sure as heck aren’t going to be doing anymore work back there when it’s nearly 100 degrees outside! So let’s take a look at what this spot used to look like, shall we?

-2And now, the after…

patio 2


open space

Much more space to entertain friends and family! And, it’s totally barefoot friendly!!  We can’t wait to have a party back here!

What have you folks been up to?? Fill me in! I love to hear your stories!


Domestic Superhero

7 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished!

  1. WOW! What a difference a coat of paint makes! Or three… but who’s counting when you a have a space like that! Behr should get a gold star or something!

    • Thanks so much! It’s a little funny because we thought this would take one weekend to do, and it’s turned into a marathon of weekends trying to get it done! Thanks for stopping by!!

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