Patio Progess: Day Two

patio makeover day two

AKA: Ding dong the wicked pavers are dead! … I mean, we finished laying the pavers for our new patio extension! Yippee!!

If you’re tuning in for the first time, check out our last post on paver prep. It was certainly a process, but let’s be honest, everyone likes a little more space to hang out in! Josh and I spent most of last Thursday evening putting the rest of these puppies down, leveling them out as we went.

last paver

We used a rubber mallet to make sure all the pavers lined up correctly and to help level them out as needed. Every time we used the mallet, it seemed to spark the interest of this little guy…

peek a booBut after putting in another two or three hours, we had some pretty awesome results right outside our back door!finished 01

Pretty good for our first paver attempt, eh?

finished 02

Progress, people, progress!

But we still have a little way to go still! We’ve got more plans in the works for the space… First thing’s first, we’ve got to cover up those stains in the concrete from when the house was built.


Yucky, icky, muddy stains. We tried our darn-dist to get that staining out with the power washer, but it’s beyond help in that department. So we’ve got a trick up our sleeve to do away with it all together- that secret is Behr Premium DeckOver! We are so stoked for this product and how it’s going to look- we’ve been battling the weather here in Columbus and it’s put a damper on our plans. But as soon as we get our window of clear weather, you bet we’ll be getting our paint on!


Next up, finding some way to hide our meters that are conveniently located in our patio area… The trick here will be that it hides the meters, but can be easily located/opened by the meter readers… we’re definitely open to suggestions…

But other than that, just hanging some cafe lights and adding some bug repellant potted plants back there, we’re just about done with our little patio makeover.


But as for now, we’re enjoying it as it is.

close upWhat did you guys spend your weekend doing?

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6 thoughts on “Patio Progess: Day Two

  1. Wow! Such great progress! Your patio set is adorable, where did you find it?!

    Looking forward to seeing the finished product! Great job, girl!

  2. Great job, Audra!! I’m excited to see it painted! Are you painting the new pavers too? Those meters are always tricky…..maybe just build a wooden cabinet around them with double doors that can open. That way you can use the top for plants or decorations or even food if you’re having a gathering. Just an idea! You go girl!!~~Ang

    • Oh, thank you! I for one am really excited that the paver part is over! We will be painting the patio- new pavers included! I think the paint color will be pretty neat too! I can’t wait to get it all painted so it’s barefoot friendly!

      Thanks for the tip for hiding the meters! I’m going to have to look into something like that- I really like that idea!

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