Dapper Dog

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Ever since we brought Levi into our family, we’ve I’ve been spoiling him a little bit. Partly because I hope it will help him adjust, partly because he’s just so darn adorable.

But now that he’s a part of the family, he gets to take part in family events! Josh and I are currently planning two receptions for all of our family since we had such a small wedding, and Levi gets to go with us! So what does a dog need for a party you might ask? Well, a bow tie of course!

Here’s what you’ll need:


A quick tip for the interfacing, make sure it’s a sew-able interfacing if it’s not it will gum up your sewing machine- and that’s not really fun to clean out!

cut to length

The first thing I did was to cut my fabric to size (I actually took a bit off the end of this fabric after the photo was taken…woops!) You want to make sure that the width of the fabric is at least 4x the width of the collar. Once the fabric is cut, I used it as a guide to cut a piece of interfacing the same size.

Using a warm iron, follow the instructions on the package of the interfacing to attach the interfacing to the back of the fabric.

While the the interfacing was cooling, I took a pair of scissors and cut out the clasp and ring from the dog collar to attach later.


The next thing I did was to fold each of the long sides to the center, ironing each one together.

sides folded

I then folded the piece in half again lengthwise, and ironed into place. I then ran downstairs to sew along the length of the fabric with a nice tight stitch to keep everything in place.


I then added the clasp and ring into place and sewed the end shut. It definitely wasn’t my best sewing… but you won’t be able to see it with Levi’s fluff! The big thing was that I wanted it to be a usable collar, not one of those ones that are Velcro that you can buy in the store. Levi’s a little too smart for Velcro…

But once I had the collar part finished, it was time to start the bow tie!

tie starter

I used two pieces of fabric that were about 9″x4.5″ each (I cut one out and used it as a template to cut the second).

bow folds

I took one of the pieces and folded the long ends in to the middle and used a bit of hot glue to keep it in place. I then folded the shorter ends into the middle and glued them into place as well. I then repeated those steps for the second piece of fabric.

bow tie collar

Once both pieces of fabric had been folded and glued together, I placed one on top of the other and secured it in place with glue. Pinching the middle, I added a small strip of fabric that I wrapped around the center and glued into place to give the appearance of a bow tie. I then glued the bow tie to the collar with plenty of hot glue.

Then came the real test…. Levi. I strapped on his new collar and let him loose!

Levi test drive

After plenty of romping around and a game of fetch, the bow tie was still intact! Wahoo! The best thing about this collar is that you can still attach a leash to it, no need to have multiple collars on the dog while he’s wearing his little tie! And since it’s not Velcro, the collar will stay on through play time.

This was a quick craft, I was able to put it together in about an hour (including some technical difficulties…) and it seems to be pretty sturdy with our little monster. The only real cost came from the fat quarter I picked up at Joann’s for about $2.00. You could just as easily make it from your scrap pile!

LeviSuch a dapper little guy, rocking his green bow tie! Now he’ll match with the rest of our wedding colors! He’s ready to party!

Do you spoil your pets? I must admit, this is a first for me, even though I grew up with plenty of animals! Levi can even be seen with little rain boots when it’s muddy out! I can’t help it, he’s kind of adorable.

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  1. So cute – he looks very stylish indeed!
    Thank you for following me! (or rather following my blog – following me might be a bit weird…) 🙂

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