Pillow Talk

Guess who scored four new pillow covers for less than half of what they retail for? This girl!


When Josh and I bought our new West Elm duvet cover at our local shop, I was a little bit bummed when I realized that the pillow covers weren’t on clearance online as well. But, being the DIY-er that I am, I was not about to admit defeat- especially once I found out how to mix patterns! I will admit, finding the perfect combination was a little difficult (after many, many trips to the fabric store, husband in tow…) but we kept it simple and love the results!

I won’t go into much detail here because I used the envelope pillow cover that I wrote about here. But I’ll give you some of the highlights.


I used 3 yards of a grey polka dotted fabric for our Euro Pillow shams, that I cut with our rotary cutter to size. A good rule of thumb when determining the size of fabric you’ll need is this: Length = pillow size x 2, width= pillow size + 2.


After cutting the fabric (the 3 yards was just enough to make 2 pillows with), I hemmed the short ends.


After both ends were hemmed, I folded one end of the fabric right sides together in half. I then took the other end of the fabric and folded it over top the other edge, overlapping by 2-3 inches and pinned the sides together.

Then, I sewed both of the unfinished sides together, turned it right side out, and stuffed the pillow inside each one I made. In total, there were two Euro and two regular pillow covers.

We stuck to our guns with our pattern mixing formula, Floral + Geometric + Small Scale, and settled on two fabrics, one a darker grey with white polka dots, and a lighter grey crosshatched pattern. After doing some research, I found that Ikat is technically a floral pattern (I was guessing geometric…), our geometric pattern was the polka dots, and the small scale was the crosshatch. Although now I’m betting you just want to see the results… so here you go!

bed 1Sure looks pretty to us!

bed 2

What I love most about the new shams is that they don’t compete with the ikat pattern the way a lot of other patterns do. A lot of people suggested that ikat be paired with a paisley pattern, and while I understand why that is, I think it just looks a little busy.

close up

The mixing of patterns gives the bed a little more depth and a little more interest. One last look…

close up view

Overall, we are super happy with how it all blends together, and it’s a lot better than paying the $110 retail for the matching pillow covers. We like this look a lot better, it’s definitely more “us”.

Here’s the final price run down:

  • Dark grey polka dot fabric from Joann’s ($7.99 per yard with 40% off coupon)= $9.58
  • Light grey crosshatch fabric from Joann’s ($7.99 per yard with 40% off coupon)= $9.58
  • Total: $19.16

Not too bad! Of course, it took me forever to decide on a fabric that I liked for this project (and there might have been a return in there somewhere), but I think it was more than worth the time and effort- it saved us around about $90 just by doing it ourselves!

What have you been creating lately? Any one logging some serious hours deciding on fabric? I definitely got some quality time knowing the people in the fabric department at Joann’s and some extended time with my sewing machine this week with this project. But in the end, we love how everything turned out and how we made it our own!

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3 thoughts on “Pillow Talk

    • Thank you! It took me such a long time to figure out the fabric… my husband said he spent way too much time at Joann’s that week! He was a good sport about it! Now to mix up fabrics in all of our rooms!!!

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