Down in Front!

curb appeal

Within the past couple of weeks Josh and I have been working on our front yard porch area, which needed a bit of love since it’s remained mostly the same since he moved in with the exception of a Michigan State gnome standing guard (and a little weed pulling here and there). For the most part it’s still the same old front porch, we just snazzed it up a bit and added a bit of curb appeal!

Our front porch update all started when I realized that I wanted to put planters on the front porch after staining Levi’s craft crate… but then we found a large ceder planter at Big Lots for $15! Much cheaper than spending $30 on a few craft crates from Michael’s for some flowers. We were losing daylight, so I didn’t get a good “before” picture, so this will have to do…


I used Minwax’s Dark Walnut stain, which I think might be my new favorite… People probably thought I was a weirdo sitting in the front yard staining a planter at dusk, but I think it was all worth it! (you can read more about staining wood here)

front yard staining

I only stained the outside of the planter since it was just going to be filled with dirt anyway. But once I wiped off all the stain, and it had a chance to cure, I sprayed it with some poly to seal that delicious color in.

While all that staining a looking weird was happening in the yard, my awesome husband got busy putting up our new flag pole!


Once all that was finished, I add our new hydrangea that we picked up at Home Depot for $25 and planted that sucker right in the planter and heaved placed it on our front porch.

front 50

We thought it looked pretty darn good! And apparently HGTV did as well, because they contacted me about using my instagram version for their #lovehome campaign! Wahoo!

And then, after driving by it all week, I felt we needed a welcoming message to greet our lovely guests with. So I got started on phase two of the hydrangea planter!


I dug up a wooden plaque sort of thing that I bought a few years ago that would be just perfect. I stained the wood to match the planter, leaving a stripe along the outside.

all stained

After the stain dried, I went back and painted the unstained section white and waited again for it to dry. I then added more stain to the dried white paint and wiped it off to age the look of the plaque.

holes drilled

Before I got started on our message, I went ahead and drilled two holes along the top end of the plaque. I used painters tape to park off where my holes would go before I drilled them, using clamps to keep the plaque steady.


Once the holes were drilled I went ahead and printed a stencil to use in Microsoft Word. I then stenciled in our cute little “hello” message (we used the font Lavendaria) in white paint. Using some spare ribbon, I threaded it through the holes (with knots in the back) to hang on the planter.

planter done

I love how it turned out, it says “whimsy” to me, and reminds me of growing up out in the boondocks. It’s a little country and a little elegant all at the same time. I love it.

house front done

Our house has gained some cute curb appeal with our new additions (and freshly mulched flower beds!), and we are able to check one more thing off of our to-do list! Not too bad for a crash course in curb appeal!

Have you been enjoying working on any yard work or curb appeal boosters? The weather we’ve been having has just been completely wonderful for getting yard work done, and it definitely makes an impact!
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6 thoughts on “Down in Front!

  1. Wow! Looks great you two! I love that the sign says “hello” instead of “welcome”, super chic! Your house is super cute!!

    • Awe, you are too sweet! We are definitely happy with how it all turned out! Now I just have to focus on killing our new plant- and exercise my green thumb!

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