Mmhmmm, Mood Board!

Okay. So I might have gone a little bit overboard while perusing Ikea’s website… I kind of got lost on there… But I’m back!! And I did find lots of inspiration for my new work space downstairs!

Because as much as I love my new space, it needs to be brightened up a little bit! Let’s take a quick peek to remind ourselves of what we’re working with here…

headquartersA little dark and drafty, yes? Not at all what the rest of our home is like.

If you’ve ever been to our house, you know we’re not afraid of color! So what’s the master plan you ask? Well, I’ll show you!

Here it is folks:


mood board


  1. Fresh Art: This little 4×6 cards are just the cutest! I think they’re cute, and Josh will like them because they aren’t all girly- got to make the hubby happy too!
  2. Reading Light: I am pretty much obsessed with lamps like these… modern and feminine, but not too much, they are just right for me!
  3. Drum light: The naked light bulb just won’t cut it anymore! We’re gonna slap some new duds on it for chic new look!
  4. Organization: These little cubes will be perfect for storing all of my craftiness while I’m not using it…
  5. Fabric: This is what initially inspired my mood board… I think I like it because it looks like someone just drew it on there all whimsy like. I don’t have any windows, but I’ve been dying to refurbish a salvaged window that I could hang in the space with fancy curtains and such…
  6. Pendant lights: I would like to wire up some of these puppies to hang over my work area, you can never have too much light you know? This would come in handy since it is a basement after all…
  7. More art! I love this piece the most. And if Ikea wasn’t two and a half hours away, I would have already snatched this guy up. I think it would go perfectly with joyosphere’s theme… happy earth!
  8. These shelves. Must have. Having a place to store everything is crucial to me, and this big guy would no doubt help with that! Plus, glossy white things are my jam.
  9. Side table on wheels: just in case I need a little extra room to create, it would be handy…
  10. New desk! I love the wooden top on this guy! But first I need to get rid of my glass-topped desk… any takers??
  11. Red chair! This little guy looks pretty cool… Maybe I could get away with just painting my already existing black chair to a fire engine red…
  12. Wingback: This librarian is always up for a comfy chair to read and enjoy her tea in and this guy has just the right amount of class for me!
  13. A new rug: For those Raynaud’s sufferers out there like me, a plush rug like this would definitely do the trick to keep our tootsies nice and warm!

So. There you have it. A mood board for my future work space. Anything on this list tickle your fancy? Or any suggestions for workspace must-haves? Let us know, we’re all ears!


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6 thoughts on “Mmhmmm, Mood Board!

  1. Isn’t IKEA the best? (We actually just got a wardrobe from them that we’re re-finishing….) I love how you’ve planned everything out so artfully in this mood board. I’m looking forward to your vision being whisked into living color in your amazing craft space.

    • Man, oh man, I love Ikea! I would be there every weekend if it wasn’t so far away! Next time we’re there we will for sure be picking some stuff up for the space!

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