It’s (more) curtains for us!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but here’s my confession: I am not a professional seamstress. Far from it in fact. If you look closely at any of my sewing projects, you’ll be able to tell. I’m one of those “figure it out on my own” kind of gals, and for the most part it works out quite well in my favor. I don’t know if the way I do things is the “right way” or not, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, am I right?

curtain icons

Which brings us to today’s project that I mentioned on our FB page earlier this week. Curtains. So guess what, here it is! Our very own curtain tutorial! Now, like I said, this is probably the furthest thing from how it’s done professionally, but it works for us in our house! So, that being said, let’s get this show on the road!

Originally, I had wanted to make some new drapes for our guest room for a quick little makeover, and I found this fabulous chevron fabric at Joann Fabrics that I thought would be perfect for the guest room. Well, I brought 3 yards of it home, and the fabric looked terrible in the guest room. Terrible I say! Not the right shade of red at all. Total bummer. And then me being, well me, decided that our office could use some curtains as well! Light bulb! Not one to let some fabric go to waste, I got started (first project in my new space!!!!!).

Here’s what I used:

curtain supplies

The first step I took was to cut my fabric in half with the rotary cutter. This was some pretty wide fabric to begin with, so I was lucky enough to just be able to cut it in half to make my two panels. And on a side note, if you don’t have a rotary cutter, you should totally get one, they are a magical, magical tool to have in your arsenal!

two pieces

After I had the two pieces of fabric, I began to pin the hems along the length of the curtain panels. Since these are pretty long pieces of fabric, this was what took me the longest amount of time to do.

pinned seams

Once everything was pinned into place, I just sewed the hems along all four sides of each panel. Going slowly since I have a hard time going in a straight line sometimes…

sewing hems

Once all the hems were complete, it was time to make the pocket for the curtain rod. Since this was a patterned fabric, I wanted the patterns to line up properly when they were hung up. I ended up just folding over one end of the fabric and choosing a spot in the pattern as a reference point to guide me. I had two reasons to do this: 1) to make sure it was a straight line, and  2) it would have the same point in the pattern on the other panel to match it with. And then I held my breath and sewed the pocket. I triple checked before starting on the second panel to make sure that I was working from the correct end, and held my breath once again as I sewed the second panel’s pocket.

pocket sewing

Then came the moment of truth.. duhn duhn duhnnn! It was time to hang up these bad boys and see how they turned out!

hung curtains

Of course, the clouds came out when it was time to photograph the finished product… but, so far, they looked pretty good…

closed curtains

Oh yeah! The pattern matched up perfectly! Wahoo! Josh was pretty impressed once he noticed that the patterns on the two panels matched up! Almost like I planned it…!

Overall, I think that this project turned out a little better than I anticipated, which is always a nice surprise! Now our office doesn’t have a naked window and our electric bill will thank me soon enough!

Here’s the breakdown of what this project cost us:

  • 3 yards of Waverly Panama Wave Sunset (50% off at Joann’s): $29.97
  • Needles, thread, and pins (already owned): $0.00
  • Friskars rotary cutter, cutting mat, & ruler set (with 60% coupon from Joann’s): $32.39
  • Total (after tax): $55.05

Sure, we didn’t have to buy the rotary cutter and mat, but gosh, it was an awesome tool to have at our disposal for this project (and it kind of helped me in the straight-line-cutting department… big time)! But the best thing about this project? I did it in one afternoon! Got to love that!

another view of curtains

What have you guys been creating lately? Anything that is sewing related? I thought this project could go into the “beginners” category, what else would you add to a “beginners sewing” category?

Domestic Superhero


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7 thoughts on “It’s (more) curtains for us!

  1. These turned out great! I love chevron and I love that fabric, great choice!!! I need to get to work on some curtains…but I need a sewing machine first! Thanks for sharing this at Domestic Superhero today!

  2. LOVE that fabric! You need to come and make some curtains for my house! I also have issues cutting straight lines…

    • Rotary cutters are just the best! I don’t know why it took me so long to figure that out! They help SO much in the cutting-a-straight-line department! I really don’t know how I lived without one before!

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