Pinterest Challenge!


It’s that time of year again folks, it’s like Christmas for us DIY peeps. That’s right, the spring edition of the Pinterest Challenge is here! For those of you who are newbies, here’s how it works- a few well known famous bloggers here in the blogosphere host a link party every once in a while (usually once per season) where we all get to share what has inspired us into action thanks to everyone’s favorite procrastination tool virtual inspiration board, Pinterest. I’m a little late to the party, so I’ll get right to it!



I’ve been seeing these fabric covered letters EVERYWHERE I look in Pinterest. Everywhere. And I think that they’re really cute and all, but every one that I’ve seen is for some sort of nursery or play room or something else little monster child related. It was a total bummer. No kiddos here to make those sweet fabric covered letters for, so what was I to do?


Last night as we were once again working on our basement  re-do, Josh said something about painting “joyosphere” above where I like to work down in the basement. I told him that was a little permanent for my liking, but it was a very cool idea and stuck it in the back of my mind for later. After a good night’s sleep and a new sense of determination, I opened up my top secret blog project board, only to be greeted by fabric covered letters. Light bulb! Why not spell out “joyosphere” with fabric letters! Genius! Josh is a genius! And so, the Fabric Covered Letters Craft began.


I was recently given a lot of fabric from my Great-Grandmother and that’s what I decided to use for my letters because with some other scraps that I had laying around, it all kind of coordinated in that “handmade” kind of way. Other than that, I just used a grease pencil, scissors, and a hot glue gun to pull it all together.

supplies needed

The first thing I did was to trace the front of the wood letter onto the back of the fabric piece I was using with a grease pencil. The pencil worked great because it showed up nicely on fabric, but couldn’t be seen through the other side (chalk would work just as well).


After everything was traced, I simply cut out the shape of the letter with my scissors. The next step is to glue the fabric to the front of the wooden letter using a hot glue gun. You could also use spray adhesive  as well, I just don’t like it as much because I tend to get it everywhere when I use it (I tend to make a lot of messes…).

two js

After all of your letters are complete, take a step back and admire your work!

levi and letters

Joyosphere uses a lot of letters, but personally, I can’t wait to get this puppy down to my work area once the whole thing is finished! It’ll be the perfect touch! Eventually it will be mounted on a couple of white-washed boards and hung on the wall, but for right now, I’m just admiring the way it looks all by itself- Levi sure likes it just the way it is!

As far as the cost for this project, here’s the breakdown:

  • Fabric swatches (from previous projects and gifts): $0.00
  • 10 Wooden craft letters from Michaels ($2.99 per letter): $30.00
  • Total cost: $30.00

Sure, I probably could have gotten the letters cheaper somewhere else or used a coupon or something, but that just didn’t happen this time around. But $30 for a custom piece of artwork that represents your own personal passion, you really can’t beat. And I’ll take that deal and day of the week!


What have you guys been creating this past week as part of the Pinterest Challenge? Were you a little late to the party, or was that just me? Maybe one of these days I’ll keep a schedule!

psst! Here’s a link to my first Pinterest Challenge! You should check it out!

Domestic Superhero

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7 thoughts on “Pinterest Challenge!

    • That’s my motto! I like to be fashionably late! Can’t wait to finish it up for the basement reveal tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by!!

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  2. I love how this turned out, Audra! The fabrics you chose all coordinate together so well and exude…well…JOY! Fitting, isn’t it? I’ve got to participate in the Pinterest Challenge one of these seasons…..

    • You should totally join in on the next one, you’d be SO great at it!! It’s a great way to connect and see what other folks are up to!

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