A Tale of Distraction

Here’s the story. Okay, the first part of the story. I may have gotten a little bit distracted from the whole guest room re-do thing that I was talking about last week… as in, we haven’t touched it since I talked about it last week. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really excited to add some shiny new things to that room it just didn’t happen this week. It’s still on our “T0-Do” list (along with a few other items) and Josh and I have been bouncing ideas back and forth about what will go into the room. So, stay tuned for those updates!


Part two of my latest distraction goes like this: Josh was all, “I’m going to go get some paint!” and me being, well me, was all “Oooooh, paint. I like to paint! What are we painting?!” and that’s how this week’s project was started. It’s not glamorous (unless you’re like me and adore the sheen of fresh paint..) but it is still a big step towards a nice clean space compared to what we started with:

basment 7

That’s right. We’re moving along with our basement! It’s a little backwards, yes, painting a basement while we are having some top notch spring weather but to to tell the truth, we’re totally kicking ourselves in the patootie for not doing this sooner!

basement 2

basement 3

Our first step was to tape of our wonderfully DryLok’ed walls to protect them from any paint (spills or otherwise). This was easily the most time consuming part of the whole process. Partly because after I had finished taping one complete section, fighting with the traditional blue painters tape trying to get it to stick, Josh came home with special green painters tape made specially for concrete. Who would have thought? Apparently I still have lots to learn about this DIY schtick…. Anyway, once the edges were taped and papered properly for protection from the paint, we rolled away!

basement 4

We are using BEHR Premium Fresh Cement 1-Part Epoxy Concrete and Garage Floor Paint in Slate Grey. That’s a mouthful, huh? We absolutely love this stuff! It goes on so easily and so smoothly- which if you have ever DryLok’ed a basement before you know that’s not the case. Since we have an unfinished basement, it can be pretty dirty down there in the dungeon (the builders didn’t have to clean up the dirt/dust mess down there before Josh closed) but the great thing about this epoxy is that you can paint right over it, and it doesn’t make the slightest difference in coverage!

basement 5

We used an angled brush along the edges where the wall met the floor because the roller doesn’t quite get everything, and it made for a speedy painting process. We also made sure to get nice even coverage by painting two coats- works like a charm!

basement 8

At this point, we’re little over half way done with our painting, but we love the result. LOVE. It makes the space feel so much more useable now that it won’t be a dark and dingy basement. It’s about as glamorous as an unfinished basement can be if you ask me!

But wait there’s more!

Now that we’re getting into this “unfinished space”, we’re starting to understand a little bit more about what we want to use it for in the future once we do fully finish it. While we’re still only in the brainstorming stage of this process, it’s fun to see what we would like to do here!

Currently, our basement floor plan looks like this:

basement 9

A big empty space. Another blank canvas for us to work with. In the future, we’d like to seperate the space a little bit more and get a little more use out of the basement other than using it just for storage. This is a little more of what we are thinking it will look like months (and months) from now :

basement 10

Big changes are headed our way! But not for awhile yet, we still need some official plan of action for what we’re planning to do to our dungeon basement. Still brainstorming what our plans will be, because we definitely want to do some sort of home theater down there… baby steps…

Once we finish painting down in basement, we’re organizing everything onto brand spanking new shelves so that I can doomsday prep stockpile to my little heart’s content! We’ll do the big reveal next week! Although I will admit, I never thought I would do a reveal for a basement… but, heck it looks so darn good down there right now, and it isn’t even done yet!

What sort of plans do you all have in the works? How log did you spend brainstorming before you actually pulled the trigger on your big project? I have to admit, this would be our biggest undertaking… ever… so we might be a little bit timid about it. But now that our plan is out here in the blogosphere, maybe that will help encourage us to get it done! (And not get distracted….)

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9 thoughts on “A Tale of Distraction

  1. Haha! I love that e-card! But more importantly, I’m excited for the reveal next week! Will it be a Tuesday or Thursday post? I’m thinking I can show this to my husband and maybe we can do this to our basement! SUCH a good idea!

  2. Looks good so far you two. I guess I can wait a couple of days for the finished product- should be a great improvement, I helped my son do this a couple years back.

  3. Lookin’ good! I have so many big projects still to tackle but can’t decide how to start, and I wish I had some ice cream. 🙂

  4. Once you guys get your house all updated maybe you can come help Bette and I do our stuff since you will be experts! It really does look great!

  5. Exciting developments in basement-land, I see. And I always thought distractions were par for the course when it comes to craft and diy projects…just because that has been my experience. Take my sewing for example. I got my sewing machine back in September, and I’m just now getting to working on the market bag pattern that I’ve had for months. But even in the midst of that project I’ve been “distracted” by others calling my name. I suppose it’s part of the creative process…though it does feel a bit crazy in my mind (and in our living room where I make a mess with my many projects!).

    Can’t wait to see the next phase of the basement makeover. Already, things are starting to look fresh!

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