Be… our… guest!

Beauty and the Beast anyone? Anyone know where I can buy some singing furniture and dishes? Anyone? Not that I would sing with them or anything… but seriously, can a girl get a singing tea kettle?

Dudes and dudettes- sorry about the radio silence this week… nothing but white noise from us… feeling under the weather is definitely no bueno, but I think it’s safe to say that the worst is over! Wahoo! We worked hard to regain our balance from the icky-sickies, and had to pep talk myself that it was okay to miss one little post for now because it meant getting bigger things tackled later this week and weekend!

guest room

Speaking of which. This week’s focus. The Guest Room! Where only a select few dared to have entered… Dunh duhn dunh!!! All in all, it’s your average guest room. There’s a bed, with plenty of pillows. A mirror for whatever it is you folks do with a mirror. And some cool handmade decor (!). But that’s about it. It’s our blank canvas.


We hardly ever go in there… as evidence, I just found this happy little home this afternoon. Looks like someone got a little cozy in there.

Back to the task at hand… yes, our guest room is a little bare, but there are several things that I love about it. First, it gets awesome light in the morning. Totally awesome, let’s-start-the-day-without-coffee kind of light. It’s perfect in the morning.

night stand

Secondly, I am in love, love, love with our little light blue side table. And lamp. And tiny clock. Okay, I’m obsessed with everything in that little corner. It’s just so cute to me. Fun fact: the night stand was actually a gift from Josh and it used to be black. So I changed it. And love it. The lamp on the other hand was my mother’s when she was in college. I’m a little crazy about glass decor items… you’ve been warned. And the little clock? That’s a little sale find from West Elm a few months back and was totally an impulse buy. Have not regretted it yet.

map art

Ahh. Thirdly, the art. This might be my favorite handmade piece in the whole house. The hoop art that I made last fall to spruce up the place. It’s all our favorite places Josh and I have visited together. You’ll see Detroit, Lansing, Chicago, and a couple of other places up there, and no, we couldn’t forget Columbus, she’s up there too! We thought it was a nice way to display where we’ve been in a fresh new way. Plus, they’re super easy to make and they look great!

second view guest room

So, what’s the problem with the room you ask? Well, it just doesn’t look quite that cozy to me. How do we plan to fix it? We don’t quite know yet, but we have a few ideas…

  • More artwork….!!! Something map or travel related would be fabulous in here I think
  • Accessorize! Adding more pops of blue throughout the room could really help our map wall stick out from the crowd.
  • Curtains. We have some regular beige blackout curtains on there now, maybe we should spice it up a little bit and try layering some patterns… could be fun!
  • Make it a little more home-y. We do want our guests to be comfy after all, don’t we?

Yes. I am one of those list people. I wear it like a badge of honor personally. It helps this scatterbrain over here remember what it was she wanted to do in the first place. Got to love a good list every now and then,

So while all those ideas are up in my noodle percolating, what have you lovely people been up to this week? Or are you guys like me and just getting started on your week?

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6 thoughts on “Be… our… guest!

  1. I love the direction that this room is already heading in (your hoop map art is UH-MA-ZING) and that brainstorm list is sounding pretty darn exciting to me. More maps! More pops of color! More patterns! More homey! Yes to all of these things! Can’t wait to see what you do to improve this already lovely space.

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