Watershed Distillery


Many moons ago, I mentioned that as a part of our Valentine’s Day celebration we purchased a tour of the Watershed Distillery here in Columbus.Well, last week we finally went and enjoyed a tour of their facility as well as tasting their top notch products, and boy was it cool!

Watershed is a relatively new distillery, having only been around since 2010, but it’s part of a new movement here in the states- micro-distilleries. I’m sure many of you know what a micro brewery is (and you probably have your favorites as well), so I’m sure you can figure out what a micro-distillery is- they produce quality, quality, adult beverages in much, much, smaller quantities which allows for them to create a more quality product than those created by mega-distilleries.

Now that we’re clear on that front, what makes Watershed so cool is that they are one of only three micro-distilleries in Ohio (which we learned that since Prohibition, has some of the toughest states to start a distillery in)- the other two being in Cleveland and Cincinnati.

bourbon barrels

One of the coolest things that they do at Watershed, is age their Four Peel Gin in old bourbon barrels, and I have to say, it was pretty darn good (and I’m not a gin person… at all)! Apparently, old bourbon barrels are all the rage in the alcohol world, who would have thought!

Watershed is starting to create quite the buzz here locally with their blue-ribbon vodka, gin, and bourbon, and we both understand why that is! We were able to taste all four of their products after we toured their facilities and got a look at their two stills. I am definitely a fan of their vodka which is corn based (a nod to their Midwest roots!) and oh so smooth! Definitely one to keep around if you’re ever feeling fancy! Josh on the other hand, left with a bottle of their bourbon that he was a fan of.


We certainly had a great time seeing what goes into making quality spirits and loved getting a behind the scenes look! If you’re in Columbus, I highly recommend stopping by and grabbing a tour, or even having a glass at a local watering hole. But act fast! The tours sell out fast but it is worth the wait for sure!

What have you all been up to this week? Any adventures where you just enjoyed learning a little more about the place you call home? We are already looking forward to our next adventure!

On a more humble note, dear Boston, yesterday your streets shook with explosions, on Patriots day, Marathon Monday, a day that is supposed to bring so much celebration. We shook with you. Shaken by scenes of injury, chaos, and panic. Today, we mourn with you. Hearts heavy with grief and confusion. Boston, we love you. We stand with you. We pray with you.

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One thought on “Watershed Distillery

  1. Thanks for sharing this glimpse into your trip to the Watershed Distillery. I was curious how that panned out. Sounds like it was super fun! And that last photo feels like something out of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Love all fo the colors! Wish we had a longer visit to Columbus next week, otherwise, we might try to fit this in.

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