That’s right folks! In the wise words of David Bowie, changes are a comin’ to joyosphere and we’re pretty darn excited about it!!

When we started this blog, we had no idea where it would take us or what it would even look like down the road. But here we are, a few months into our journey to the blogosphere, and we feel that we have found our calling and direction in this vast, vast, internet world. Based on some feedback from you guys and a little inspiration from our bloggy friends, we’ve decided to revamp a lot on this blog to make it a little more “user friendly” and to be a little more appealing to our target audience.

Now, I won’t bore you about how to go about and figure out what it is that you truly enjoy writing about and finding you niche in the blogosphere (that’s a post for another day…) but if you are interested, I will point out two EXCELLENT books on the subject- where I found my inspiration- that can definitely help you guys out if you’re in need of a little kick start:


The first book I would recommend is Blog inc., Blogging for Passion, Profit, and to create community. As you can probably tell, this book covers it all- from what platform to use, to turning your blog into a business. Now, I found this little book to be chock full of useful information about finding your voice on the internet; which is still a bit of a struggle for me anyway… Another thing this book does really well is show you great examples of success stories in the real world- people who have found their calling through their blog. I must admit, some of the stories I never would have guessed started as blogs, such as Kate Spade- what a surprise!

The next book I would recommend to anyone feeling a little bit lost in the blogosphere is Blogging for Creatives. While the first book had tons and tons of information, this book actually provides pictures for those of us who learn better when there are visuals to go along with the text. And man oh man, does this book have visuals and this girl was ecstatic that it did! Nothing gets my noodle going quite like an inf0-graphic! It has a lot of similar information as the first book, but this one just presents it in a whole different light. It covers it all, from how to publish and host your blog all the way to how to keep yourself motivated! Yippee!

Both books are excellent to reference as you make your way through blog land, and I would highly recommend checking them out! No, really, as a librarian I say pay a visit to your local library and request a copy! Or I guess you could buy them… if your into that sort of thing… libraries rule!

Stay tuned for updates here on the blog (hint: we’re already playing with different headers…!)! What have you guys been changing up lately? We’re in it to win it with this blog so any tips and tricks of the trade that you have out there are definitely welcome!

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3 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Changes!

  1. Both of those books sound fascinating, especially the first one because you mention “voice.” That’s a topic I’ve always been drawn to, and I made it my mission as an English teacher to help my students discover their writer’s voice. Now that the tables have turned and I’m the one doing more writing these days, it has been a fun journey playing around with voice in my posts in an effort to discover my blogger voice! Thanks for the tips on these reads. I’m going to have to check to see if the Orlando Public Library system has them in circulation.

    Looking forward to seeing more changes here at Joyosphere as you continue to grow and flex your creative muscles! Let me know if I can help you out in any way (I’m no expert, but I’ve got battle scars that suggest maybe I’ve learned something these past 7 months.)

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