DIY Table Runner

Remember how last week I filled you guys in on how my sweet, sweet grandmother gave us her sewing machine that she no longer used? Well, when she gave us the sewing machine, she also gave us an entire roll of cream colored home decor fabric that I don’t know if I can ever use all of- there’s that much of it.  And it’s been sitting in our basement while we tried to figure out what we should do with it.

Much like our search for a giant fluffy pillow, we have been searching for a nice, neutral table runner for our living room for weeks months. Every single one that we find is either made of super shiny fabric or has weird applique flowers attached to it. Not cool. And then I connected the dots… use the fabric from my grandma to make a simple table runner. Light bulb!

And simple it was… to make. I am seriously considering going and making a bunch of these puppies for our dining room table so I can switch it up willy-nilly. Once you pick your fabric we’ll get started!



Since I don’t have an actual sewing pattern for a table runner, I just used a store bought table runner I had on hand to use as a size guide. Using my guide, I cut my fabric to size with a little extra on the side to allow for the seams. Do this twice so you have a top side and a bottom side.


sew seams

With the right sides together, pin and begin sewing leaving a gap large enough to fit your hand into.

close seam

Using the gap left in the seam, flip the fabric right side out. Then, I was able to turn the unfinished part of the seem in, and stitched it closed.

After a quick press with a hot iron, this puppy was ready to go! And boy are we happy with how it turned out!


Don’t mind the glare  from my flash… it was late by the time I finished sewing this bad boy… Maybe some day I’ll learn how to use our camera… I really like this runner on our console table, the cream of the fabric goes really well with deep chocolatey color of the table, it’s my jam. Eventually there will be a gallery wall behind it with all sorts of cool art and photographs, but for right now, this table runner totally jazzes up the joint and that’s good enough for little old me.

Have any of you guys been on a sewing kick lately? I sure have, and I don’t think I’ll be stopping anytime soon… I’ll be sure to keep you up to date with all our little projects around here, good, bad, and ugly!



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13 thoughts on “DIY Table Runner

  1. ha, I never knew what those were for before. I don’t have a long narrow table like that, and I would llook at a table runner and think, “what the heck?” a little light went on in my head. 🙂

  2. This turned out beautifully! Do you think you’ll use the extra fabric for anything else? I can imagine how a whole roll would feel overwhelming!

    I’m actually sewing TONIGHT! Another baby gift project I’ll share on the blog…hopefully next week. I’ll give you a hint: it rhymes with purp sloths. (Ha ha, now my childlike brain is thinking of purple sloths. It’s the little things that entertain me.)

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