Easy Envelope Pillow Cover

new pillow

At our house, we have this lovely, large, squishy pillow for our couch that we use every. single. day when we wind down in the evening as we’re watching tv (as well as our countless movie nights..), I lovingly refer to it as old faithful. It’s easily the most comfortable pillow that we have ever owned. Needless to say, it’s getting a little threadbare and as much as it breaks my heart to say- it’s time for a replacement. The only trouble is, we cannot for the life of us find a large enough pillow that’s super squishy and just right for snuggling with. It just hasn’t happened. We’ve searched high and low looking for such a pillow and it continues to evade us.


Why not just make one, you ask? That is a lovely question. Until recently, the only sewing machine I had (my 1948 Singer Featherweight mentioned here), has yet to return from being serviced. For all we knew, we were out of luck. That all changed when we stopped in to visit my grandparents on our way home from Grand Rapids where my grandmother kindly gave us her Kenmore sewing machine that she no longer used. Hallelujah! We were back in business and it was time to get cracking on our quest for the perfect pillow.

Now, we could have easily just bought fabric, sewed it into a square, and stuffed it with fluffy stuffing. Easy, right? Wrong, very wrong. The problem I have with making those pillows are that they can be difficult to wash and keep clean and when we use something like that everyday, I prefer to be able to keep it clean. Which is why we choose to go a different route, as in pillow slipcovers.

These pillow covers are so super easy to make. Personally, I love the envelope slipcovers  because they easily slip on and off and are pretty simple to wash as well. Really any one who owns a sewing machine can put one of these puppies together in about 20 minutes.

pillow slip cover supplies

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Appropriate sized fabric for your pillow insert
  • Scissors (or a rotary cutter if you have one)
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins

measure and cut

Step One: Measure your pillow to determine the appropriate size of fabric that you will need to cover your pillow. A good rule of thumb formula to use for this is: Length = pillow size x 2, width= pillow size + 2. My pillow measured 27″ so I cut my fabric to 54″ x “29. Once you have determined the size of your fabric, cut out the resulting shape.

1 inch hem

Step Two: Hem the short sides of your fabric 1″. I like to iron all of my hems and  (it’s purely a personal thing, really) I like to have larger hems- I find it easier to work with. Here I pinned them before sewing just to keep everything in place.


Step Three: Fold your fabric in half, right sides together so that it’s inside out.

Step Four: Fold the other edge in, overlapping the other edge by 2 or 3 inches. Pin the sides.

You’ll notice in the picture above that I actually hemmed the long and short sides of my fabric… You don’t have to do this, I was merely distracted by what was going on in the background…

we have a pope

Exciting stuff, right? So I momentarily lost my train of thought and hemmed all the sides… not a huge deal. I simply went right on ahead with the rest of the steps for the pillowcase and it didn’t impact the pillow cover at all.

stich hem

Step Five: Sew both of the ends shut- not the middle, just the ends.

Step Six: Turn the cover inside out and insert your pillow!

lounging time

How easy was that? It takes almost no time at all to put one of these together and the end result is oh so fabulous. I have big plans to make quite a few of these in the future to outfit our living room couch and loveseat with lots of pillows and be extra, extra comfy. But for now, all we need is this big guy to cuddle up on the couch with!

Here’s the breakdown price-wise for this project:

  • 1 Soft N Crafty 27″ x 27″ pillow form (from Joann Fabrics) with a 40% coupon: $20.99
  • 3 yards (I only used 2…) of 50% off yellow striped flannel fabric at $2.29/yrd (from Joann Fabrics): $8.37
  • Total after tax: $31.49

What have you guys been sewing lately? Anything fun for your house? I must admit that this project has been patiently waiting to surface, mostly due to lack of a working sewing machine and partly from our reluctance to get rid of old faithful. Either way, Josh and I love the end result and couldn’t be happier with it despite my distraction of the naming of the new Pope. Godspeed, Pope Fran. Godspeed.

Pope Fran


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