Pinterest Challenge: Sugar & Spice Edition

That’s right, we’re posting on a Wednesday!


We’re posting today so that we can take our place amongst the stars… okay, not really… a girl can dream right? Ever since I started following Katie and John and Sherry in their corners of the blogosphere way back when, I have wanted to take part in their notorious famous Pinterest Challenge that comes around every season. This is my first Pinterest Challenge so I’ll highlight how it works really quick.

Here’s the game plan: it’s actually quite simple, you find a pin that you love on Pinterest that you would like to tackle and give it a go. I have a board that I use specifically for DIY projects and I found that it helped me narrow down my choices a little more quickly. Basically, choose something manageable that you can throw into your daily juggling of work/family because you only have a week to accomplish your Pinterest-inspired creation. After a week, everyone gets together to gloriously triumph over Pinterest- aka they host a linky party where everyone can share their projects on their website. It’s pretty cool actually, to see what people are capable of putting together with just a few pictures of inspiration to go off of. There are a few rules, of course (what kind of party would it be without rules?!) and you can read more about them here.

As for my project- here’s what’s been pinned onto my super secret Blog Projects board lately:

Challenge Inspiration Collage

A whole lot of new baby gifts. No, no baby fever going on over here, just a lot of friends are expecting (to the point where Josh and I wondered if it was something in the water….. nahhh!). My favorite happened to be the one in the middle (what can I say, I love my baked goods!) by Pauline and Lynnee over at Chica Circle. After browsing through their tutorial I decided that it would be a great gift for all those little girls that we’re expecting soon! While it was a great idea that was cute and fun, I did change it up a bit and put my own little twist on it. Once I gathered hunted down all the supplies I needed to create this sweet little girl gift, I was ready to tackle my first Challenge.

Supplies Collage

I picked up a four pack of little girl onesies and a couple of two packs of matching little girl leggings from Target as well as a cupcake box from The Container Store and some white baking cups from Meijer’s. All of the other pins I saw for this kind of project called for using baby socks for the top of the “cupcake”, but I didn’t see any that were cute, so I opted for the little leggings instead.

onesie collage

The first step to get your onesie ready is to lay it out horizontally on a flat surface. Next, fold in the arms and sides of the onesie so that you have a straight line across the top and bottom- this was easy to do for me because there were existing folds already there from how the onesies were packaged. You then fold the onesie in half “hotdog style” so that you get a long thin piece to work with, and set it aside.

Pants collage

To create the icing of the cupcake, take the leggings and lay them horizontally on the surface in front of you, folding them in half as you do so.  Next, fold the waistband of the leggings in half- this will create a diagonal fold down the length of the pant to the cuff. Holding the waistband in place, fold the cuff of the pants up diagonally so part of the cuff sticks up above the top of the leggings- this creates the tip of the icing on the cupcake. Then holding the folds in place, begin to roll the leggings tightly from right to left, keeping the cuff of the pants sticking out.

put it together

Place the leggings on top of the onesie- making sure the fold of the onesie is at the bottom, this will make the top of the cupcake wider than the bottom just like an actual cupcake. Roll the onesie from left to right, incorporating the leggings as you go.

Finished cupcake Collage

Once they are rolled up, you can secure it with a small piece of scotch tape, just to hold it in place. Gently place in the cupcake liner and add to the cupcake box. Repeat for all four onesies.

4 Cupcakes

Once all four onesies are in the box, it looks pretty darn cute! I really like this idea, it simple, sweet, and can be customized for each gender- just use “boy colors” for a boy gift, or do some pink and some blue if you know someone who’s expecting twins! I can’t wait to send these gifts out, they are just the cutest!

And how did you guys do? What projects have you created from your pins? I’d love to hear all about it! Seriously, I need some new ideas for the Spring Pinterest Challenge…

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7 thoughts on “Pinterest Challenge: Sugar & Spice Edition

  1. I did this same project for the Winter Pinterest Challenge, lol! I love how you added the leggings and made yours unique! Such a cute and simple baby gift! Thanks for sharing!

    ~Abby =)

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