It’s curtains for us!

Curtains! Curtains, I say!

As hinted at in last week’s Friday Letter’s, Josh and I had quite the experience choosing and hanging the curtains in our living room last week. Let’s just say that it didn’t go exactly as planned, but we are more than satisfied with our results!

house with arrow

In our living room, we have a large, two paned window that is quite lovely and lets in lots and lots of sun light- so naturally I love it to pieces. We weren’t however, in love with the cheapy blinds that came with the house when we built it, yet they have been in place for the past year and we couldn’t decide on what would look good in the space (I am after all, a wannabe designer, yo). So when we couldn’t figure out what to do last weekend, we finally jumped in and made some decisions.

I personally believe that curtains can add a ton of character to a room- that’s why we chose curtains over blinds for our living room- it’s where we do all of our entertaining and hanging out, and we wanted something to compliment the room’s 9ft ceilings. But it is such a big window and looks right out onto the street so we knew that we needed some element of privacy. In the end, we settled on a double curtain rod to hold another set of sheer drapes. I have been perusing stores looking for curtains for this spot for quite some time and last weekend we finally pulled the trigger on purchasing this set from West Elm. The store didn’t happen to have them in stock that day- apparently they can’t keep them on the shelves, so we had them order us a set of the 96″ and boy did we luck out, because West Elm was not only running a 20% off sale on curtains that weekend, but we also were able to score some free shipping! Cha-ching!

At this point, feeling slightly defeated that we wouldn’t be coming home with our lovely curtains, we realized that we still needed our sheer panels to hang behind the curtains. So we popped on over to Bed Bath and Beyond for some 95″ sheer panels that ran us $12 a pop, and headed home to slap those puppies up on the wall.

remove blinds 2

Our first step was to remove those tacky blinds that have been hanging out for the past year, and my handsome partner in crime was able to tackle that part no sweat! When we went to hang the double curtain rod, we realized that we were missing the hardware! Mind you, this was curtain rod that I had in my apartment before we got married, so I know we had the hardware somewhere around the house, we just could not find it. Not to be defeated, we quickly ran up the street to Home Depot to find the needed replacement hardware. Much to our dismay, found out that they do not carry the hardware for double curtain rods… rats! We ended up just buying another double curtain rod, because we had already come this far and we were hanging those sheer panels up!

hang sheer panels

As you can see, it was dark by the time we returned with the replacement curtain rod. Josh was able to hang it up the required 96″ for our curtains and hung up our sheer panels… all while I took pictures…

sheer panels- 1

They aren’t very pretty all by themselves, and they aren’t supposed to be. We did notice however, that even with just the sheer panels on the window we had already started to notice how our eyes were drawn up due to the height that we hung them at, taking full advantage of the high ceilings.  We lived with having the sheer panels for about a week before our curtains arrived. Boy oh boy does patience pay off!

curtain panels

We are so glad that we decided to change out those cheapy blinds for these puppies! It gives the room so much more character than regular old blinds and we are definitely loving the height of them as well. Those bad boys were well worth the wait, and we are so glad that we finally pulled the trigger on making that purchase. Now we just have to move a couple of picture frames to some new homes and we’ll be set- but we’ll get to that some day…

Have you had any plans that went awry due to missing hardware or anything of that sort? Or have you made an update recently that you just fawn over each time you enter the room?  We always seem to encounter problems with curtains, don’t get me wrong, we love the result every time, we just get a little lost along the way sometimes.

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7 thoughts on “It’s curtains for us!

  1. Mark and I have had a few “bouts” about curtains…I love them – – he doesn’t want ANYTHING to block the light. We’ve settled on window scarves, that frame the window, but don’t block the light. 🙂 But I do love so many of the fun patterns that West Elm has to offer – – the ones you chose are really eye-catching. Maybe if we can fully push them off to the sides (like it looks like yours can), I can convince Mark into something like that! Great job.

  2. Love the curtains! I’m currently working on making curtains out of drop cloths for our master bedroom. They are such a great way to add warmth to a room.

  3. I did something similar in my living room, and I love it. I still look at that window and think, “I’m so glad I didn’t buy blinds!”

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  5. Window treatments are my downfall. We live in house over one hundred years old. There are thirty-three windows. Thirty-three!!!! Do you realize what a nightmare thirty-three windows can be? And I hate conventional drapes. So we’ve been installing plantation blinds as we can afford them. Oh, did I mention the windows are all 66″ long on top of it all. Yikes! Love you new look and thanks for the like at “”. Today that “worm” is windows! God bless

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