Twist and Shout!

I’m totally hopping on the bandwagon with this one in an effort to de-clutter my part of the closet -and maybe, hopefully, fingers-crossed, get rid of a few threadbare pieces of clothing- to try and stay on top of my goals for this year.

By the time that warm summer weather rolls around I would like love to have a closet full of clothes that I truly enjoy wearing. I am really quite terrible at going through my wardrobe and deciding what to keep or toss- there are some shirts that I haven’t worn in at least two years, but they’re hanging around anyway! Seriously, I need to work on my hoarding tendencies…

closet 2

Pinterest is overflowing with organizational ideas for the home and I finally peeled myself away from the computer screen long enough to try out this pin from a fellow blogger. It’s really simple. So simple that it prompted my “dude, get on that already” mind-set, so on one Friday, I finally did it.

closet 3

It works like this- start by twisting all of your hangers backwards on the rack or pole, or whatever you hang your clothes on. As you wear and wash items and return them to your closet, you hang up the article right way. That way you know what’s been worn and what has yet to be worn. After any period of time (for me, I’m hoping six months- when I switch out my wardrobe), take a step back and look at your wardrobe and take stock of what hasn’t been worn in the past year (or six months in my case).

The hard part for me will be going through those backward-facing hangers and deciding what to keep and what to donate or sell. Being brutally honest with yourself can be tough and let’s face it, am I really going to wear the same mini-skirt and t-shirt that I did when I was in middle school? Probably not, so it might be time to cut the cord on items like that.

Eventually, I would like to organize my closet by color like I had in my apartment. It certainly helps when you’re running terribly late for work in the morning… But first, I need to tackle some serious closet clutter, then I can move on to bigger, badder, more obsessive organizational dreams…

Have any of you seen this idea on Pinterest or elsewhere online? Or, have you already started twisting your hangers back to their proper position?

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One thought on “Twist and Shout!

  1. I love that you’re putting this pin into action, Aubrey! I’ve seen this one out there and have thought, “Brilliant,” but need to actually do it. Thanks for inspiring me to get on it.

    Another practice I’ve tried to embrace is removing a piece of wardrobe from my closet (to give to Goodwill) every time I add something. It keeps me from holding onto pieces I don’t wear for too long.

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