Our Blog Begins

So here’s the deal. Full disclosure coming your way. If I were really on top of my game, I would have started this blog a month ago when we tied the knot. But we’ve just been so caught up with adjusting to married life and things going on at work that we haven’t quite gotten around to recording our endeavors online.

But, here we are. A month into our marriage and we’re starting a new journey… a blogging journey that is. So in order to help me keep my scatter-brain in order I thought that I should outline a few goals for this first year in our blogging adventure.


We’re not fancy here. Seriously. Although no one ever believes me when I say it. We have dirty dishes, laundry, and even messy relationships too.  It’s all part of the package. So my goal for this year is to show you that mess — which will be like nails on a chalkboard for me. It’s time to loosen that white-knuckled grip on my grime-busting antics to hopefully let me do more exciting thing like:

  • Explore my photography interests- maybe taking a class or two to learn a bit more!
  • Journal- I recently bought a Gratitude Journal that currently sits on my night stand. I would really like to find more time to fill it out and reflect before we go to bed at night.
  • Try something new everyday! Then write it down or even photograph it to share with you all in an effort to encourage me to do more and more outside of my comfort zone.


I am painfully shy. There I said it. And I have a habit of hiding behind my computer screen, books, and even my husband. Needless to say- I need lots of improvement in this area. It’s quite easy for me to crawl into my safe little hidey-hole and I don’t want to do that this year. In an attempt to remedy this socially awkward shyness here’s what this little socialization project might look like over the next year:

  • Take a class- such as photography or cooking (goodness knows this girl loves her baked goods…)
  • Link up to more blogs and make bloggy friends. A shy girl can only take so much face time, you know? Plus, I like to lounge on the couch in my sweat pants.
  • Say “Yes” more. I have a tendency to say no because I would rather enjoy my quite time with a cup of tea than go out and experience “life” as normal people like to call it. This will be the year of YES!


Yes, yes, I know. For being such a neat freak one would think that everything in our home is perfectly organized and labeled. No sir. After Josh and I finished moving the rest of my things into our house, we realized that I had a pretty bad clutter problem. Like, I still have all of my homework, papers, and projects from high school. Yikes. So, in order to get my patootie in order these are the goals and rooms to organize:

  • The office. Desperately needs some help in this arena with filing and such. Must. Fight. Paper. Clutter…. arrrggghhhh….
  • Craft closet. In the process of wedding planning I may or may not have accumulated a ton of crafty, glittery, and lace-y items that I would like to plan uses for over the next year and share with you all.
  • Clothing. I have a closet full of items from high school that I really don’t know why I still own. I would love to narrow down what I don’t want/need anymore… decisions, decisions…

I’m hoping that as these goals are accomplished, I can find items to furnish our home on the cheap (I’ve become a cheapskate in my old age…). Who knows how many spare frames I have hidden in the depths of my clutter… Also, in hopes of both personal growth and getting things done I wanted to get these goals out there publicly in hopes that I might have some cheerleaders to cheer us on… and so that random people on the street can ask me how its going- in a non-stalker kind of way.

So there you have it. Full disclosure with a side of goal setting. Do you have any goals or resolutions for yourself that you plan on working towards this year?

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4 thoughts on “Our Blog Begins

  1. Way to put yourself out there, Audra. This blog is already off to a solid start! One of my blogging goes for 2013 is “more honesty, more mess,” similar to your real-ification. The blogs I’m most drawn to are the ones where the writers reveal a piece of themselves in the post…where they let their true self through. And you achieved that quite well in this post! I am so excited for you and all of the creative endeavors and real-ification to come on this blog. You’ve got a bloggy buddy in me.

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